Slim Devices Adds Support For Xpl

"The xPL Project Team are pleased to announce that the SliMP3 and SqueezeBox Ethernet music players manufactured by Slim Devices now have native support for the xPL protocol.

Support for xPL allows the players to integrate seamlessly into the home, allowing all aspects of the player to be controlled and monitored by any xPL-aware device.

Previously, those wishing to integrate a SliMP3 or SqueezeBox into their xPL environment required an additional connector application. Such applications are usually platform-dependent, and offer far less in the way of status reporting than a fully integrated solution can provide.

Integrating xPL support directly into SlimServer makes it instantly available to all platforms that the server software supports, including Windows and Linux, and enabling xPL support is as simple as selecting an option in the SlimServer's web interface*...

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