Smart Camera suits progressive scan applications
Smart Camera suits progressive scan applications.
Smart Camera suits progressive scan applications.

April 28, 2003 07:50 - With built-in Ethernet/TCPIP capability, VC 2048/E smart camera acquires full frame 640 x 480 pixel images at 110 fps while executing real-time image processing functions. Website with JavaScript may be hosted inside camera that can be displayed using web browser. Unit has computational power of 1,200 MIPS, 16 Mbytes SDRAM image/data memory, and 2 Mbytes flash EPROM. Process interface allows 4 inputs and 4 outputs. Video output is via 800 x 600, 46.875 MHz SVGA monitor.

Vision Components Launches First 110 Frames/Second Progressive Scan Smart Camera with Ethernet and TCP/IP

? On show at booth 2231, International Robots & Vision Show, June 2-4, 2003

Vision Components GmbH, a leader in industrial machine vision, today introduced the VC 2048/E smart camera with built-in Ethernet/TCPIP capability. Ideal for progressive scan applications, the new VC 2048/E is able to acquire full frame 640(H) x 480(V) pixel images at 110 fps whilst executing real-time image processing functions.

The VC2048/E is equipped with a variety of communications protocols including TCP/IP, UDP, FTP, SMTP, socket support, a Telnet-server and an HTTP server. A website can be hosted inside the small size smart camera that can be displayed using a standard web browser anywhere on the world-wide web. The website can even contain JavaScript. The Fast Ethernet communication capability allows continuous transfer of 15 images per second.

Pre-emptive multi-tasking makes it possible to run several processes at the same time; .the user can change parameters on the fly without any impact on the inspection process. The VC2048/E can be used for real-time image processing functions such as run-length encoding, object labeling, binarization, blob analyses and many others.

Like all the VC products, the VC 2048/E smart camera is a complete image processing system contained within one compact housing. It has a computational power of 1200 MIPS, rivaling a 1GHz Pentium processor. It offers 16 Mbytes SDRAM image/data memory with 2 Mbytes of flash EPROM for program and data storage (expandable). The process interface allows 4 inputs and 4 outputs. Video output is via an 800x600, 46.875 MHz SVGA monitor.

When coupled with the available development software, Code Composer Studio from Texas Instruments and the available VCLIB image processing library from Vision Components, these machine vision systems are ideal for a variety of OEM needs including high-speed assembly lines, medical applications, motion analyses, motion tracking, vibration analyses, 2D code-reading, 3D measurements, security applications and many others.

All Vision Components cameras are built for industrial applications and are designed to be insensitive to shock and vibrations. They have multiple I/O lines for direct control of external equipment, and for more complex control tasks, they can easily be interfaced to a PLC.

About Vision Components GmbH

Vision Components is a leading developer of machine vision technology, focusing on the manufacture and distribution of intelligent cameras for industrial use. With strategic partnerships with many key integrators and software providers, Vision Components offers a complete line of advanced industrial smart cameras for an array of applications, including the industry's first lipstick-style, CMOS-based camera.

June 2-4. Vision Components GmbH will showcase its smart camera products in booth 2231 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center Rosemont, Illinois at the International Robots & Vision Show, which is co-located with the Sensor show and the International Robot Conference.

For more information, product literature and photographs please contact:

Endre Toth, Director of Business Development

Vision Components GmbH,

10 Hedgerow drive

Hudson, NH 03051


Tel.: 603 598 2588

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Endre Toth Director of Business Development
Phone: 603-598-2588

Company Information:
Name: Vision Components
Address: 67 South Bedford Street
City: Burlington
State: MA
ZIP: 01803
Country: USA
Phone: 781 229 5842

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