Smart Choice Add-on Color Security Camera

Low-light color CCD camera with internal electronic iris, adjusts automatically to varying levels of light. Includes built-in 3.6 mm wide angle lens.


  • One 1/4" low-light CCD color indoor camera with 3.6mm lens & RJ-11E connection
  • One 60 foot RJ-11E connection cable
  • Camera mount and hardware
  • 330 Lines of resolution
  • Use with EO5214QC Observation System
  • Electronic Iris adjusts to changing light conditions
  • Built in microphone for one-way audio
  • Two-way audio upgradable by adding intercom box (KO-600C)
  • Alarming input for hook-up of motion sensor, door/window alarm, audio intercom box, etc.
  • RJ-11E plug connector
  • Dimensions: 2.8W x 4.84H x 1.9D in.

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