Smart Choice Color Security Dome Camera with 3.6mm Lens

Security Dome 98SCD350CN CCD camera with internal electronic iris adjusts automatically to varying levels of light to ensure a quality camera display at all times. The 1/4" CCD color image sensor provides superior color display. The camera hosts greater than 330 lines of resolution. Camera plug connector is RJ-11E. This unit as new would run $150. This represents a great savings for you!


  • One 1/4" color CCD camera with built-in 3.6mm lens
  • One 60 foot camera cable
  • Camera mount and hardware
  • Electronic iris automatically adjusts camera for changes in lighting
  • >330 lines of resolution
  • 1/4" CCD color image sensor for high quality color display
  • Rj-11E plug connectors for easy installation

  • Quality RJ11-E CAT5 RJ-45 cables and adapters
  • Ultrak 12" Black and White Monitor
  • LED Light Web Cam
  • Sanyo Network Camera
  • New color security cameras for your system
  • Switchmode Plug Top Notebook Adaptor
  • 4Gb Compact Flash Card
  • Outdoor PIR Motion Detector
  • Manual Iris 25 mm Lens
  • Color Flat Pin Hole Micro Video Camera
  • Automotive Surveillance System
  • Security Camera Industry Information