SmartCode? Corp. Announces The World's Smallest NFC RFID Tag For Mobile Phone Interaction

SmartCode? Corp. world's smallest NFC (Near Field Communication) RFID tag provides the NFC community worldwide to develop new and innovative NFC RFID solutions. SmartCode? Corp. world's smallest NFC RFID tag provides a significant cost reduction in deploying NFC RFID solutions.

March 14, 2005 -- SmartCode? Corp., the world leader in low cost, high performance RFID tags and readers, announced today the world's smallest NFC RFID tag at the CeBIT conference held in Hannover, Germany. SmartCode Corp. world's smallest NFC RFID tag supports the NFC standard for Near Field Communication. The NFC RFID standard is supported by Microsoft, Panasonic, MasterCard International, Motorola, NEC, Nokia, Philips, Samsung, Sony, Texas Instruments, Visa International, LG, LogicaCMG, Siemens, JCB and Logitech.

The new NFC RFID tag provides an excellent form factor solution, so more and more applications can be built with far more flexibility for embedding the NFC RFID in everyday readable items.

Continuing SmartCode Corp.'s world's first RFID/GPRS/CDMA Readers, the new NFC RFID solution will extend SmartCode Corp. offerings with the usage of a RFID-equipped mobile phone as a stand alone RFID Reader. By empowering consumer mobile phones with RFID Readers, consumers will enjoy an easy and robust solution to identify items and collect information simply by waving the mobile phone near a NFC RFID tag. SmartCode Corp.'s NFC RFID tag will communicate with the RFID-equipped mobile phone, and instruct the mobile phone to download information trough the phone's GPRS connectivity.

"We are delighted to continue our leadership in the RFID market with the world's smallest NFC RFID tag." Said Avi Ofer, SmartCode Corp. President, "NFC RFID represent a great value for consumers for near field interaction with everyday items. We are happy to work together with the world leading cellular phone manufacturers such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Motorola, Philips, LG, Panasonic and Siemens as well with other world leaders such as Microsoft, Visa and MasterCard in advancing the widespread of the NFC RFID Standard."

SmartCode's world's smallest NFC RFID tags will enable the widespread of NFC RFID by reducing the cost of implementing NFC RFID, side by side with a variety of new and innovative solutions utilizing the small size of SmartCode's NFC RFID tags. NFC opens up myriad new opportunities for consumer lifestyles. It will enable people to effortlessly connect digital cameras, PDAs, set-top boxes, computers and mobile phones. With NFC it is possible to connect any two devices to each other to exchange information or access content and services ®C easily and securely. NFC technology bridges today's connectivity gap. It enables the simple transfer of information -- from phone numbers to electronic transactions -- and allows people to interact with their environment without needing to navigate complicated menus or perform complex set-up procedures.

Imagine seeing a poster advertising a concert with your favorite band. By flashing your mobile phone or PDA near the poster, you download information about the event from the NFC RFID tag in the poster. After finding out more about the concert, you can immediately buy tickets and store them electronically on your handheld device. On the night of the concert you can access the venue without ever having the need for a paper ticket. More than just a wireless connection, NFC is a basic tool allowing you to instinctively interact with your electronic environment.

Until toady, the prices of RFID tags of an average of 50 cents, have created a cost barrier for companies worldwide to adopt the RFID solutions. With SmartCode? Corp.'s exclusive patented manufacturing technology, SmartCode? Corp. can manufacture these RFID tags at a price level of 5-10 cents, in large volumes.

About SmartCode? Corp.
SmartCode? Corp. is a leading RFID developer that has developed a revolutionary, patented, and cost effective RFID manufacturing technology. Our Patented technologies enable us to intelligently replace the current inefficient Barcode technology. Our patented technologies enables us to manufacture a very large number of RFID tags at a fraction of the cost of today's traditional RFID.

SmartCode? Corp. introduces a cost-effective approach to dramatically reducing our clients Total Cost of Operation (TCO) and increasing their Return On Investment (ROI).
SmartCode? Corp. enables companies to receive 100% real time visibility of their products across their entire supply chain. SmartCode? Corp. is headquartered in New York, NY with offices in London, Silicon Valley, London, Hong Kong and a R&D Center in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

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