Smarthome Announces First Insteon? Home-Control Products
CES 2005, LVCC, Central Hall, Booth 26624 --Smarthome, Inc., the world's leading provider of electronic products to improve the home, today announced initial Insteon? products for lighting and appliance control at CES 2005 in Las Vegas this week. These first Insteon products will be demonstrated at Smarthome's booth 26624; shipping is scheduled for second quarter of 2005.

Insteon (for "instant on") is the first dual band wireless home-control network technology combining radio frequency (RF) communications with the home's existing wiring, or powerline, to deliver a secure, reliable and fast connection for automatic or remote control of lighting, security, entertainment systems, appliances and climate.

To install Insteon, users simply need to plug-in two SignaLinc? RF access points into their home's electrical outlets. Once the SignaLinc RF modules are in place, Insteon home-control products can be installed using a simple "Plug and Tap?" process. Initial products include wall switches and plug-in modules for lighting and appliance control. Pricing starts at $19.99.

"Our customers have been requesting a reliable, secure and affordable home automation technology since Smarthome began 13 years ago," said Joe Dada, president and CEO of Smarthome, based in Irvine, Calif.

"Our engineers designed Insteon with the customer in mind and since it's backwards compatible with X-10?, the current home-control networking standard, customers will be able to easily adopt it without having to immediately replace all of their existing products," Dada said.

"By starting with a customer base of home automation enthusiasts, we believe Insteon will grow to mainstream markets and become the de facto home-control networking standard," Dada said. "Many OEM design engineers, home builders and remodelers, lighting, electrical and HVAC contractors, and even interior designers have been waiting for an affordable, reliable and easy-to-use home-control network technology for some time, and we believe Insteon will meet their needs."

Developed over the past four years by Smarthome engineers, Insteon utilizes an integrated dual band wireless network to create a cost effective, robust and reliable home control network.

Insteon is designed to be incorporated into products to perform essential tasks such as remotely locking the front door or automatically filling the swimming pool. Examples of Insteon applications for homeowners will be many but can include whole home scene lighting, unlocking the front door and turning lights on in the house with a key fob before entering the house, controlling thermostat settings wirelessly from another room or over the Web, having a pleasant tone ring upstairs when a washer/dryer cycle downstairs is completed, or sending a page or email alert to parents when kids return home from school.

Purchasing two SignaLinc RF products is the first process in establishing an Insteon network in the home. Once the SignaLinc RF is in place, any Insteon product can be installed, including:

SwitchLinc? II Dimmer: A wire-in remote control dimmer that allows remote on/off control of lighting to personalize mood lighting for any occasion. For the first time the switches are available in white, silver/gray, black, brown, ivory or almond. Additionally, the level brightness lights are available in white, blue, red or green.

LampLinc? II: Allows remote on/off control as well as dimming/brightening. The two- or three-pin plug-in module can also remember different light settings for different "scenes," such as "movie time" or "dinner time."

ApplianceLinc? II: These three-pin modules can remotely control any appliance, such as room fans or coffeemakers, or non-dimming lamps.

KeypadLinc? II: A wire-in controller that controls individual lights, or triggers whole-house mood lighting scenes with the touch of a button. Includes six or eight button interchangeable keypads.

ControlLinc? II: A plug-in desktop controller that remotely controls any Insteon or X-10 module, switch and or dimmer in a home.

PowerLinc? II Controller: Available with a serial or USB interface, PowerLinc II Controller is a stand-alone downloadable computer or alarm panel interface for controlling lights, appliances, heating/air conditioning and alarm systems.

"Integrating wireless with powerline is the most cost effective and reliable network technology for the home," said Dan Cregg, Vice President of engineering for Smarthome. "Previous home networking development has not focused on real consumer needs. Insteon is designed to directly meet the homeowner's need for a network to communicate simple data such as security, lighting and climate control inexpensively throughout a home. We believe this will open the electronic home improvement market to the broad consumer market."

For more information regarding Insteon, please visit Smarthome's Web site, or or call 1-800-SMARTHOME.

About Smarthome, Inc.

Founded in 1992, Smarthome, Inc. is the world's largest home automation and home control supplier and a leader in enhancing lifestyles through electronic home improvement projects. Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., Smarthome products are sold to an international customer base via the Web, phone and retail outlets as well as to professional dealers and installers through its SmarthomePro division. Its SmarthomeDesign division is responsible for OEM and distribution sales channels. Smarthome, developers of a new home networking technology called Insteon?, (, is dedicated to making life more convenient, safe and fun. The company's on-line catalog can be found at Newsweek magazine called "the of electronic home improvement." On Dec. 1, 2004, Smarthome shipped products to its 1 millionth electronic home improvement customer.

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