Solar Security Camera powered by the sun. Wireless.
A Solar Security Camera so advanced it never needs batteries or wires. Yet so uncomplicated a child could set it up and use it. You've gone with out a security camera for long enough. It's powered by the sun so you will always have security.

This one is truley wireless! Imagine this camera watching your pool, front yard, back yard, side yard or anywhere outdoors you wish. Since it's solar powered you can even take it with you on your boat or RV and back home again.

Simply set the camera in a desired location where sunlight is present, plug the receiver into an existing television set or monitor and begin watching full color images with sound. Now that's what we call user friendly.

Because this solar security camera is completely wireless and uses it's own renewable power source you can place it virtually anywhere contact with sunlight is made.

A powerful 2.4GHz transmitter allows it to send a constant signal from a football field away (300 ft.). No one will ever suspect that you are able to "watch" places where there is no power available.

Infrared motion sensor even triggers an audible alarm on the base station when movement is detected by the camera. Doesn't even require a separate monitor.

Just plug it into any existing television set. You can even plug it into your VCR and have it only record when infra red sensor is triggered by movement.

Completely Weatherproof Solar Security Camera

That means it can take a constant beating from the sun's rays, rain, snow or anything Mother Nature throws at it. Now you have the power to secure any part of your property. Make a parking lot more secure for your employees. Monitor a campsite or boat dock. Worried about thieves coming into your backyard or wild animals climbing into your trash? Now you'll be able to nab any perpetrator on the ultimate candid camera.

We are one of the first companies to offer this product and we are selling these as fast as we can get them in.
Buy your Solar Security Camera Today!

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