Sony camcorder Monitoring system

Turns your Sony camcorder into a Time Lapse Monitoring system!

Have you ever needed a way to watch your home or business while you were away? You know what we are talking about- you wonder "How's is that dog getting out?" or "Boy, I sure wish I could catch whoever is spraying graffiti all over the wall." So you looked into a Closed Captioned TV system, saw how expensive they are, and thought that there had to be a better way?

Now there is- the TapeMiser by Portable Monitoring.

With the TapeMiser you transform your Sony camcorder into a Time Lapse monitoring system for a fraction of the cost.

The TapeMiser provides the least expensive, easiest to use solution for extended video monitoring.

If you need to temporarily monitor a location or process over an extended period (greater than 2 hours), you would typically need to install CCTV cameras and a time-lapse VCR. These systems typically cost more than $1000 and are not trivial to install.

Unless you need to monitor the location or process on a permanent basis, this is overkill. The TapeMiser enables you to use a standard Sony? camcorder for extended video monitoring.

The TapeMiser will provide you the most benefit if you are trying to capture an event only occasionally or - even just once - and then monitoring is no longer necessary.


Price: $65.00

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