Sourcesmith uses LEADTOOLS in Development of NBC Olympics' Access Badge Security System for 2002 Salt Lake City Games

LEAD's customer, Sourcesmith Industries, used LEADTOOLS imaging technology to help develop a security access badge system for NBC Olympics for the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics.

LEAD Technologies' customer Sourcesmith Industries has developed a system incorporating LEADTOOLS imaging technology for their client NBC Olympics that will help tighten security for NBC staff at the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics. NBC is using the system to create security badges for its staff that will track their movements within the NBC facilities.

Following the events of September 11, NBC became increasingly concerned with security issues surrounding the upcoming Winter Olympics. Having worked with Sourcesmith in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, NBC asked them to create a more sophisticated security badge system for their staff at the Salt Lake City Games. Using LEADTOOLS, Sourcesmith was able to develop a system that allowed them to take pictures with any digital source (e.g. digital camera, scanner), and place the photos on a background matched up with information from a database. LEADTOOLS enabled the application to create a screen print preview and print the photos directly onto a plastic badge.

"In this system, LEADTOOLS allowed us to capture the images, store them and put them on the user-defined backgrounds. LEADTOOLS helped to completely automate the NBC badge security issue for the 2002 Salt Lake City Games," said Barry Swanson, President and CEO of Sourcesmith Industries.

"Craig Lau, Director of IT for NBC Olympics Inc. said, "We regard Sourcesmith as an extension of NBC Olympics IT team, so it was a natural choice to bring them our business requirements. Once again they provided us with a solution that we can and will implement immediately. The ID's present a very professional image and will function at the level NBC expects at the Games."

"We are very excited that our technology is being used by Sourcesmith to help implement such a sophisticated software solution for the Salt Lake City Olympics," said Rich Little, President of LEAD Technologies.

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