Spy Camera - Portable Radio w/700ft. 2.4GHz Transmitter & Receiver
Great sound and peace of mind all-in-one. The Portable Radio 700ft. Wireless Spy Camera will transmit video to the included receiver with no need for extra wires.
Expertly concealed behind the face of the radio is a micro-sized video camera that is virtually invisible, attached to a multi-channel 2.4GHz video transmitter.
Simply aim the radio towards the direction you wish to monitor, attach the included receiver to your VCR or TV and you've got a spy camera that never blinks.
Choose a black & white camera for low light levels or a color camera when lighting is adequate.
Comes with A/C adapter for stationary use as well as an 8AA battery holder. Use standard alkaline or rechargeable batteries for up to 10 hours of use.

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