Spy Tools Directory Launches Private Investigation And Surveillance Glossary

Site Seeks to Aid Visitors by Adding Key Usability Feature

April 24, 2005 -- Searching for investigation related equipment or software programs, but not quite sure if your terminology is correct for finding the exact product you need? Visit the Spy Tools Directory's new Private Investigation and Surveillance Glossary of investigation related terms and find what it is you're looking for.

"We get lots and lots of search queries of people looking for products that use incorrect terminology for the exact products they require," said Steve Salm, lead editor for the Directory. "The result is the visitor gets frustrated not being able to find what they want, and they move on to other resources to try their search again - usually with the same result."

"By adding the glossary to our site, we can match the visitor's exact search term to the most closely related product category of our Directory, and hopefully speed them on their way to getting the exact product they need."

The Spy Tools Directory Glossary contains definitions to both commonly used and seldom used investigation related terms and phrases, then directs the visitor to the most closely related product category of the Directory via links contained on each glossary page.

"Website usability is very important to us, and we feel this addition will be greatly helpful to our site visitors," added Salm.

For more information, please visit the Spy Tools Directory online at: http://www.spy-tools-directory.com

About Spy Tools Directory
Spy Tools Directory was launched in 2003 to serve as the authoritative resource on topics related to the field of Private Investigations. With hundreds of listings featuring such products as spy software, spy cameras, Net Detective, spy gadgets, and private investigator agency resources, the site has quickly become one of the largest and most respected industry-specific directories on the Web. The site currently offers free website listings to private investigators, spy software vendors, and surveillance equipment manufacturers world-wide.

For more information, please visit the Spy Tools Directory on the web at: http://www.spy-tools-directory.com.

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