States To Benefit From $2.2 Billion in Grant Funding
States To Benefit From $2.2 Billion in Grant Funding

Paul Rothman

Access Control & Security Systems, Nov 1, 2003

The Department of Homeland Security has released a total of $2.2 billion in grants to first responders.

Nearly $1.7 billion of the grants will be made available to states and then to local governments. The funds are earmarked for equipment, training and exercises, and for statewide planning to ensure the wisest and most practical use of those resources.

"We cannot secure the nation solely from the nation's capital," Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge said. "We need to support first responders at the state and local level who are our partners in this effort."

The remainder of the funding will be allocated among two programs.

First, $500 million will be awarded in new Law Enforcement Prevention Grants, which can be used to provide interoperable communications equipment or to purchase law enforcement supplies, such as SWAT gear.

The final $40 million is for the President's Citizen Corps program, used to educate families about the crucial role they play in preparedness and volunteer opportunities.

"We've moved quickly to get the money out the door," Ridge said. "We approved 96 percent of the 2003 grant requests within four days and required states to obligate funding to cities within 45 days."

Here is a list of the states receiving the largest grants: California ($176.5 million); Texas ($115.8 million); New York ($103.9 million); Florida ($92.7 million); Illinois ($74 million); Pennsylvania ($72.8 million); Ohio ($68.6 million); and Michigan ($62.4 million).

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