Stealth Big Brother

AEI Security Limited has launched a series of products designed to be used with a PC for capturing and storing images and movies from CCTV cameras.

Unlike conventional DVR systems the new Stealth Big Brother series from AEI uses image movement sensitivity which can trigger the start of image recording, e-mail of images as well as upload of the images to an Internet site with the built in FTP abilities. It also provides a host of other features that the company claim can always be modified to suit individual client needs...

False triggering is minimised by the use of edge analysis of the image and full sensitivity controls instead of the conventional pixel comparison method. This reduces false triggering especially when used with external cameras where rapid change in ambient light levels could otherwise trigger the sensitive movement detection.

Their first product in the series is the Stealth Big Brother web cam software which is designed to convert any computer users web cam to movement activated with image or movie capture. By simply loading the software it is able to automatically recognise any web cam drivers connected to the PC and a very easy to follow animated instruction guide automatically starts when the software is first run. AEI offer this camera software in a trail version from their web site.

The company also provide the software with a high definition video processing card able to work with any CCTV camera available. This is further complemented with a 4 camera version capable of showing all 4 cameras simultaneously on a PC screen from a standard home PC.

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