Step Motors are suited to multiple applications
Step Motors are suited to multiple applications.
Step Motors are suited to multiple applications.

March 13, 2002 07:39 - Two-phase, 24-step P110 series miniature step motors are 0.63 in. in diameter and 0.75 in. long with holding torque ratings of 1.0 oz-in. Disc-magnet technology results in rotor inertia of 5.7 x 10E-06 oz-in-sec squared. Phase current in disc-magnet motors may be boosted up to 1.5-times nominal for P110. Construction includes magnetic circuit and samarium-cobalt magnet.

Miniature Step Motors Matched to Multiple Applications

AMHERST, NY - Portescap's P110 series of miniature step motors is now available in several new versions designed to suit the differing demands of instrumentation, fiber optic, medical, PCB assembly, miniature robotics, CCTV security camera, and semiconductor equipment applications.

The two-phase, 24-step P110 is just 16mm (0.63-inch) in diameter and 19mm (0.75-inch) long with a holding torque rating of 7 mNm (1.0 oz-in). Portescap's unique, patented disc-magnet technology used in the P110 results in a very low rotor inertia of only 0.40 x 10E-07 kgmE+02 (5.7 x 10E-06 oz-in-secE+02), resulting in very high dynamic capability. Unlike ordinary step motors, phase current in disc-magnet motors may be boosted intermittently - up to 1.5-times nominal for the P110 -- to provide even better dynamic performance. What's more, the high strength samarium-cobalt magnet material of the disc rotor along with an optimized magnetic circuit yields a highly efficient power profile for the P110, making them especially suited for battery-powered applications. The P110's very low detent torque makes it suitable for microstep operation, and its high start stop frequency helps avoid the need for ramped acceleration.

Available versions of the P110 include: a threaded shaft small linear actuator; with the R16 planetary gearbox for high torque (0.3 Nm) requirements; with the B16 spur gearbox for applications needing up to 0.12 Nm; and with a 12-line magnetic encoder for position feedback or closed loop operation.

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