Surveillance Camera offers 3 auto-iris lens types
Bosch FlexiDomeXT Camera Range Extended with NightSense Feature and Wider Choice of Lens Types and Mounting

Bosch Security Systems has recently added three new models to its highly successful range of FlexiDomeXT plug-and-play, vandal-resistant, fixed-dome cameras. This is the result of market demand to extend the application scope of the camera range in terms of distance/space.

The new models allow a choice of an additional three auto-iris VariFocal lens types that provide options for really wide angles of between 52 to 102 degrees. This allows full coverage of confined areas such as elevators, bank vaults or prison cells. Also available is a telephoto lens with an exceptionally narrow angle of 24 degrees, ideal for really close-up views in a bank or retail environment. The third addition, with a speed of F1.2, is designed for sensitive low-light applications.

NightSense, the innovative and popular feature in Bosch’s highly successful range of Dinion cameras, is now available in all color cameras in the FlexiDomeXT range. NightSense increases the camera’s sensitivity by a factor of three through spatial integration of the sensor signal to ensure maximum image quality at very low light levels. When the light fades, such as during dusk, NightSense takes over and automatically switches the camera from color to the high-sensitivity monochrome mode, thus allowing around-the-clock surveillance.

FlexiDomeXT cameras are designed for surface mounting, with an optional accessory for mounting on hard walls or ceilings. Mounting possibilities are now extended with additional options. The Pendant Wall Mount allows the FlexiDome to be mounted on a vertical surface. It utilizes a curved conduit assembly with the dome camera at its lower end positioned about 20 cm from the wall to enable an unobstructed view along its length.

The Pendant Pipe Mount is used for mounting the camera at some distance below the ceiling (even with false ceilings) to allow for an unobstructed view where obstacles may otherwise be in the way. The mount comprises flange assemblies fixed to the ceiling proper and to the camera. The required distance from the ceiling is achieved by the installer adding the appropriate length of pipe.

The FlexiDomeXT range of vandal-resistant, fixed-dome cameras comprises five models, one of which is monochrome and all others color, with variations for PAL or NTSC. Other innovative features include:

• Line-lock with phase adjustment (AC- & DC-compatible)

• Backlight compensation avoids underexposure

• Proprietary pan/tilt/rotation mechanism for easy field of view selection

• Compact, modern design and surface mounting

• Water- and dust-resistant, for both indoor and outdoor use

• Optional conduit-compatible hard-surface mounting

Introduced in the third quarter of 2003, cameras from Bosch’s FlexiDomeXT range have been installed in many different sizes and types of applications all over the world.

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