Surveillance Camera works in extreme cold conditions
EX10 Conquers Extremes from Alaska to Antarctica

Extreme CCTV's EX10 series camera features a voltage regulator (VRB) with automatic sensing of DC and AC current for operation under extreme cold temperature conditions.

The EX10 is “hurricane ready” and is based on a two-piece injection molded design for a watertight seal (IP67/NEMA 6P), which protects the internals from rain and snow. It has built-in protection from over-voltage, reverse voltage and transient spikes and a heat sink that allows flawless operation from -60°C(-76°F) to +60°C (+140°F). Made of thick Nylon and stainless steel, the EX10 also features an oversized silica gel desiccant pack to control humidity. Inside, the 1/3" CCD camera provides remarkable high-resolution performance for extreme environments.

The EX10’s all-weather durability and superior optical performance makes it ideal for a variety of applications like walk in freezers, wash down applications, food processing plants, marinas, acid/alkali environments, swimming pools, sewage treatment plants, freezer storage plants and any outdoor sites subject to cold temperatures





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