Surveillance System in Home Leads to Arrest of Burglar

Police on Thursday captured a 46-year-old man whom a woman allegedly caught on camera stealing items from her home a couple of weeks ago.

The man's name was not released because he has not yet been charged. He also is under investigation for other burglaries, police said.

Maurika Rogers, 28, had reported to police that her home in the 4200 block of Broadway had been burglarized twice before she bought an inexpensive motion-activated camera, linked it to her aged computer, and hid it so it would record anyone in the bedroom.

Rogers said the persistent intruder stole her television, jewelry, money, even clothes for her 5-month-old son.

The clothes were left on her doorstep a few days later, she said. After the first and second burglaries, Rogers called Alorton Police and was told they did not have enough evidence.

After the third burglary, she said, she offered the police video showing the man's face, but a detective told her a prosecutor wanted the man in custody before charges would be brought.

Detective Corey Allen said police took the burglaries at Rogers' home seriously when she made the first report, but "we were only able to identify the suspect after Rogers caught him on video."

"Prior to her capturing his picture while he was stealing items from her home, we didn't have enough evidence to make an arrest," Allen said.

On Thursday, U.S. marshals, Illinois State Police, Centreville Police and Alorton Police surrounded a house at 3912 E. Broadway.

One officer went to the door and knocked. An unidentified individual at the home opened the door and let the police in.

When the officers asked the man who let them in whether the burglary suspect was in the home, he denied that he was.

Police searched the home and found the burglary suspect.

Lester Kye, 48, was charged with obstructing justice.

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