Surveillance System operates over cellular network
Surveillance System operates over cellular network.

March 13, 2002 07:39 - Modular Video Surveillance System receives video from any security camera and places it on cellular network for viewing on any wireless-enabled laptop. It provides recorded alarm-triggered video sequences directly from scene or through central station video systems. System can control pan/tilt/zoom camera functions, sequence through other cameras, and operate remote devices such as alarms, lights and door locks.

New Video Surveillance Technology From AXCESS Inc. Gives Key Tactical Advantage To Mobile Law Enforcement Units

System Will Provide Mobile Law Enforcement Units with Live Motion Video of Facilities from Remote Locations Over Standard Mobile Phone Connections; Demonstration Set For March 5-7 At Las Vegas Security Expo

DALLAS, TX - February 26, 2002 - AXCESS Inc. (NASDAQ: AXSI), a leading provider of advanced technology security systems, today announced commercial availability of a new technology for receiving streaming surveillance video over a standard cellular network.

The new system has the capability of receiving video from any security camera and placing it on the cellular network for viewing by law enforcement officials and security managers on any wireless-enabled laptop. The system is based on a version of AXCESS' patented video compression technology designed for security video in very low bandwidth communication situations. The system requires only a standard cellular network system for the wireless device, a small security video transmitter and Windows-based software from AXCESS. The system will be demonstrated at the International Security Conference and
Exposition, March 5-7, 2002, in Las Vegas, at the AXCESS booth (#10208).

"While rushing to respond to reported activity at facilities ranging from schools and convenience stores to airports and nuclear power plants, police response units can access transmissions from multiple cameras at the facilities' existing video surveillance system, and use this information to assess the situation, and any back-up requirements, or equipment needs," said Allan Griebenow, President and CEO of AXCESS,
Inc. "

The introduction of this product to market comes at a time when recent industry statistics suggests that security spending will increase, especially for products that encourage shared communications. A report released by research firm Frost & Sullivan stated that the U.S. physical security equipment markets
generated $1.3 billion in 2000, and that figure will increase to $2.4 billion by 2007, prior to September 11. Additionally, according to a recent survey of nearly 200 mayors, U.S. cities expect to spend an additional $2.1 billion on security this year in light of terrorism concerns. The survey found that about
half the funds will be spent on equipment ranging from new security cameras for public buildings, to Web-based communication systems that link hospitals, emergency-response personnel, and police departments.

This system is based on direct response to the demand from law enforcement and security officials for live motion video and audio from remote locations such as patrol vehicles. This product addresses this need while providing additional features including recorded alarm-triggered video sequences directly from
the scene or through central station video systems. Other features include the ability to control pan/tilt/zoom camera functions, sequence through other cameras, and operate remote devices at the scene such as alarms, lights, and door locks. The video transmitter, the MM-300, has been used in video surveillance environments for over two years. The software, PcPeek(TM), is also compatible with the other products in AXCESS' Prism Video surveillance product family. And, standard digital cellular service is available nationwide from multiple carriers.

"Now, more than ever, law enforcement and security managers understand the need to seek new technologies that allow them to be virtually everywhere at all times. Given budgetary constraints, these solutions must be cost-efficient and work cohesively with existing systems," said Mr. Griebenow. "This
system can be easily retro-fitted into existing systems and its modular nature let's the user get started immediately, then grow the system as the budget becomes available. This is truly a breakthrough in terms of live motion video capability and cost."

This system is of particular importance to the safety and security community because of its ability to operate over a standard cellular network and its efficiency in low bandwidth applications. Even with only 14 kbps of capacity available, the system can deliver live motion video in black and white or color. The performance advantage carries through at higher digital wireless bandwidths such as with GSM at 56 kbps, as the system has the capability of automatically adjusting to any data rate, even an analog signal. This product is the latest in a line developed to support homeland defense initiatives carried out by both the public and private sector. Among it's homeland defense installations, AXCESS currently provides remote video surveillance systems to municipalities to protect public areas. Other installations include airports, energy generation facilities, oil and gas pipelines, and water treatment plants.

"Given the expansion of security required by homeland defense efforts, our customers are looking for ways to extend the reach of their personnel. Video is clearly an enabling technology in this effort," according to Ray Adler, President of Adler Communications Group, a reseller of rugged laptops to law
enforcement, municipalities, and commercial customers. "Until I was introduced to the AXCESS solution, cellular video products had not been able to provide any usable motion over a cellular network. Literally in five minutes they installed software on my rugged police laptop and I was watching live motion video and reviewing recorded clips over my cellular service."

AXCESS Inc., headquartered in Dallas, TX, provides advanced security and asset management systems for business and government. Its network-based systems provide application solutions that reduce loss and liability, and boost productivity in areas that provide significant value for the customer. In security, the solutions extend traditional system coverage through the use of smart, network-based devices including wireless technology, making security systems more pervasive and effective at reduced cost. A particular focus on automatic security incident detection and notification further increases productivity and effectiveness. Beyond traditional security, maximizing the utilization of critical assets such as computers, inventory, people, and vehicles, improves business operations by automatically locating, tracking, monitoring, and protecting assets. The main applications are security video (CCTV), personnel and vehicle access control, and automatic asset tracking and protection. The Company provides solutions in the recently identified homeland security markets such as air and ground transportation, water treatment facilities, oil and gas, power plants, as well as in data centers, retail/convenience store, educational, healthcare, and supply chain markets. AXCESS utilizes two patented and integrated technologies: network-based radio frequency identification (RFID) tagging and streaming video. Application and browser-based software delivers critical real-time information tailored to each end user
via the enterprise network or Internet, also providing custom alerts in the form of streaming video, e-mail, or pages to wireless devices. AXCESS is a VennWorks LLC partner company.


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