Surveillance/Monitoring System helps fight crime
Surveillance/Monitoring System helps fight crime.

February 14, 2005 08:32 - Wireless IP-Surveillance and Monitoring System combines outdoor wireless transmission and networked video surveillance. It offers customers in local government, education, and small enterprise arenas solution that allows deployment of security cameras virtually anywhere, in any terrain.

CTC Delivers State of the Art Crime Fighting Tool

NAPERVILLE, Ill., Feb. 3 - World events and organizational demands have hastened our search for better more cost effective security applications. Current Technologies Corporation (CTC) has successfully integrated the best of two distinct industries -- the security industry and the computer industry -- to deliver Wireless IP-Surveillance and Monitoring.

CTC offers customers in the local government, education, and small enterprise arenas a cost effective alternative that allows them to quickly and easily deploy security cameras in any terrain and potentially save thousands of dollars in installation costs. In addition, wireless cameras can be deployed virtually anywhere, giving companies more flexibility in the design and installation of security and surveillance systems.

CTC recently completed a pilot project involving Wireless IP-Surveillance in Maywood, IL. Last fall, CTC of Naperville launched the pilot project using two surveillance cameras in a high crime area. The village is moving forward with the project by purchasing eight additional cameras to protect its residents and the community.

With rising security concerns worldwide, government leaders have been eager to provide enhanced proactive security for their citizens. Mayor Ralph Conner of Maywood is one such leader. "We are very confident that this is the solution for our village. CTC has done an excellent job to bring this project to the next phase."

What is Wireless IP Surveillance? Wireless IP (Internet Protocol) Surveillance takes two proven technologies -- outdoor wireless transmission and networked video surveillance -- and combines them to create a powerful solution that overcomes many of the challenges that have up to now prevented end users from installing surveillance and monitoring systems. Wireless IP Surveillance represents an innovative breakthrough. For example, the Maywood police officers will now be able to monitor several different places at once from their squad cars. It broadens their umbrella of security over the community.

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