TSA under fire, but still focused on technology
TSA under fire, but still focused on technology

Online Exclusive, Oct 2 2003

A General Accounting Office (GAO) report released last week says the TSA isn't keeping close enough track of its airport security screeners' performance. The GAO sent undercover investigators to certain airports to test security by trying to sneak weapons past screeners.
The report, originally obtained by The Associated Press, says the TSA collects little information regarding screener performance in detecting threat objects.
The report also says TSA is falling short in making sure that screeners are effectively supervised. The agency conducts fewer undercover tests of passenger screeners than the Federal Aviation Administration did when it was responsible for airport security, the GAO says.
Although the section of the report dealing with the results of the undercover tests is classified, The AP reports the investigation revealed that weapons were still getting past screeners.
"I don't dispute the fact that you can get a blade of a boxcutter set on edge through the system," TSA chief James Loy said in response. "That is a technology issue more than it's a screener performance issue."
Loy adds that TSA is focused on researching and developing better technology, but most of its $75 million research budget for 2003 fell victim to budget cuts.

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