TeleEye TeleEye Remote Transmission Unit Over PSTN, ISDN or GSM Networks digital camera sp
TeleEye Remote Transmission Unit Over PSTN, ISDN or GSM Networks From 690.00 (inc VAT and FREE delivery)

The all-in-one remote video viewing transmitter for four cameras over a normal telephone line (PSTN), ISDN or GSM Networks.

4 camera inputs.
4 alarm inputs.
Unique patented encryption technology.
Built-in PSTN, ISDN or GSM Modem (requires SIM card).
Sophisticated Event Management.
Pre- and post-alarm video recording.
Self diagnostic and recovery.
Easy installation and configuration.
Transmission up to 33.6kbps over PSTN giving up to 10 frames per second transmission.
Transmission up to 64kbps over ISDN giving up to 15 frames per second transmission.
Transmission up to 28.8kbps over GSM HSCSD giving up to 8 frames per second transmission.
Transmission up to 14.4kbps over GSM CSD giving up to 4 frames per second transmission.
Comes with free software for remote viewing.
Resolution up to 640x480 pixels.

See a TeleEye System in action over broadband (password = 000000)


Fantastic For:

* Remote location security *Holiday Home security * Home security * Shop security * School security * Theft prevention * Office monitoring *

If you want to transmit video and footage from a remote location without a fixed network then this is the ideal solution.

With a built-in modem and audio design, the TeleEye DialUp CCTV is extremely easy to install. By simply hooking up video cameras and sim card to the TeleEye Dialup transmitter, you can monitor your premises anytime you want.

TeleEye Dialup CCTV is ideal for alarm verification. The system can handle and verify alarm events by dialing back to the control centre, recording video and alerting security personnel automatically. The remote public addressing allows broadcasting of a warning message to deter illegal activity.

Unique patented encryption technology

Unique patented encryption technology compresses files to a far greater extent than MPEG4 allowing quality viewing of images even at lower bandwidths

Sophisticated Event Management

Event handling is one of the major concerns in the design consideration of TeleEye network CCTV. When the video transmitter is triggered by events like alarm, motion detection, video loss or system failure, user-predefined actions to deal with different events would be carried out immediately. Actions to be taken include pre- and post- alarm video recording, switch control, dialback and email notification. All details of the events are logged in a sophisticated database.

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