Tele-Twin 20 - 20 Hour Telephone Monitoring Kit
Telephone Monitoring Kit
For extended record time on a standard cassette format, the Tele-Twin 20 Telephone Monitoring Kit "doubles over" the competition. Dual cassette decks work together to give you a total of 20 hours record time.

10 Hours UNATTENDED Recording

Back-to-back dual cassette recorders give you 10 Full Hours of Quality, Unattended recording. When the first recorder fills to capacity (5 Hours), the second recorder instantly leaps into action, continuing to record another 5 hours of conversation.

No Battery Drain

Best of all, there is no battery drain between telephone conversations so elapsed time between recording is no problem. Your batteries could last for months!

Record ALL Extensions

The Tele-Twin 20 records ALL conversations from ALL extensions so none of your important calls will be missed.

Built-in 2 Line Capacity

With the flick of a switch the Tele-Twin 20 becomes a 2 line telephone monitoring system, simultaneously recording both lines with 5 hours unattended capacity per line. Simply plug the Tele-Twin 20 telephone connector into any 2 line jack.

Shock Proof Fitted Case

Custom, die-cut foam case protects your investment from rough handling and prying eyes. The TT20 is designed to operate with the case open or closed.

Monitoring Kit Includes

The solution to extra long play telephone monitoring and recording has arrived. This package includes an 8 ft. modular telephone connector cable for single line or two line jack, 4 AA batteries, 2 D-140 high-grade recording cassettes, duplex jack and the recorders.

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