Temperature Monitoring Station screens for SARS
Temperature Monitoring Station screens for SARS.
Temperature Monitoring Station screens for SARS.

June 4, 2003 07:43 - ThermaSense combines Omega? infrared imager with WinSoft's ThermaVU? analysis software and continuous self-calibration mechanism to provide human skin/body temperature monitoring system with accuracy of 0.5C. It can be set up at building entrances or airports to screen people as they walk in or wait in lines. System images facial area in real-time and automatically self-calibrates. Person with temperature reading outside pre-set value will trigger alarm and alert operator.

Indigo Systems and WinSoft Team Up to Screen for SARS with New Temperature Monitoring Station

May 9, 2003 - Goleta, CA - Indigo Systems Corporation, a global provider of infrared (IR) imaging solutions, and WinSoft Corporation, a recognized world leader in the development and integration of infrared applications, have responded to the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) epidemic by developing a human skin/body temperature monitoring system with accuracy of 0.5 Celsius. Omega?, Indigo's smallest infrared imager, with WinSoft's state-of-the-art ThermaVU? analysis software and unique continuous self-calibration mechanism delivers ThermaSense, a rugged, highly accurate, and complete system for monitoring skin/body temperatures.

Citing demands for a low-cost solution to Asia and several other regions, Indigo Systems' President/CEO Dr. E. Tim Fitzgibbons, states, "We wanted to respond to the many requests for a SARS screening system with an affordable, portable, and extremely accurate skin temperature monitoring module. Teaming with WinSoft Corporation's innovative software package, Indigo Systems once again leads the way with an unparalleled low cost, precision, advanced IR imaging system. Specifically designed with SARS in mind, this compact configuration can be quickly installed and easily operated in a variety of public venues."

WinSoft's President/CEO Mr. Ehud Shany adds, "The combination of ThermaVU, our self-calibration technology, and Indigo Systems' outstanding IR technology, enabled us to put together ThermaSense, the best, low-cost system for the market in record time."

The Indigo and WinSoft Skin Temperature Monitoring Station can be set up at building entrances or airports to screen people as they walk in or wait in lines. This system images the facial area in real time and automatically self-calibrates to ensure highly accurate skin/body temperature readings. A person with a temperature reading outside a pre-set value in the monitoring station will trigger an alarm and alert the operator of the abnormal condition. Today, most airline carriers, like Cathay-Pacific, have regulations in place that state they will not carry a passenger with a body temperature of 37.5 C or above on any of their flights. Once identified, a feverish passenger can be directed to medical personnel for additional testing, isolation, and/or treatment.


WinSoft Corporation (www.winsoft.com), based in Santa Ana, California, is a world leader in the development and integration of infrared and test and measurement applications since 1994. From camera drivers to thermal analysis applications, WinSoft's team of software and hardware engineers, together with in-house image processing and math/physics experts, offers turnkey systems built to specifications. WinSoft's thermal analysis flagship, ThermaVU SDK, ensures an unparalleled fast response time and increased value for WinSoft customers.

Indigo Systems Corporation (www.indigosystems.com), based in Goleta, California, is a premier developer and supplier of advanced infrared cameras and components, covering the entire infrared spectrum including near-, midwave-, and longwave-IR.
Since 1996, Indigo has provided IR cameras, software, and enclosure solutions for commercial, industrial, security, military and R&D applications. Indigo Systems is a next-generation IR company, whose unique structure and mix of commercial and defense expertise allows it to deliver military-grade infrared products while driving down costs to enable new, commercial applications of infrared cameras.

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