The MySpot(TM)200 Remote Controlled, Self Powered Parking Barrier System Now Features A Low-Battery, Early-Warning Capability

The MySpot 200, a self-powered remote controlled parking barrier engineered to block designated parking space entry and exit, now features a 5-second operational time delay to notify users that the radio system's batteries will soon need replacement.

West Orange, NJ February 9, 2005 -- Designated Parking Corp., a premier designer and manufacturer of parking and access control systems, today announced the inclusion of a low-battery, early-warning feature for the MySpot(TM) 200 parking system. The MySpot 200, a self-powered remote controlled parking barrier engineered to block designated parking space entry and exit, now features a 5-second operational time delay to notify users that the radio system's batteries will soon need replacement. Batteries are only necessary for remote activation of the barrier as the MySpot 200 itself requires no external power supply. The system is uniquely engineered to obtain its operating power solely from a proprietary hydraulic spring mechanism that captures and stores energy from the weight of the vehicle. Because of its patented design, the MySpot 200 offers a cost-effective, user-friendly, maintenance-free solution to unauthorized use of reserved parking spaces, access ramps, and driveways. The FCC/CE compliant MySpot 200 is supplied "ready to install" and requires less than 30 minutes to mount. It may be secured to paved surfaces utilizing supplied bolts and anchors, or glued using an optional epoxy kit. No digging or site preparation is necessary.

The MySpot 200's built-in time delay is developed to ensure uninterrupted use, and optimize reliability and safety. When the radio system's standard "D" batteries run low (typical battery life 2-3 years) an additional 5-second delay will occur prior to the barrier's response. This delayed response will continue for 50 cycles, allowing the user ample time to replace the batteries. Upon the 51st time-delayed activation, the system shuts itself down and "plays dead" in the open (down) position to preclude drivers from being blocked in or out of their designated parking spots. The time-delay early-warning method was selected in lieu of buzzers or flashing LEDs as both options consume battery current, buzzers are an annoyance, and flashing LEDs are too easily overlooked. Moreover, a delayed reaction intuitively indicates low power. Each MySpot 200 can accommodate 15 individual standard or common code three-button HomeLink(R) Compatible US HT keychain transmitters, while each transmitter can operate up to nine adjacent MySpot 200s.

In addition to the keychain transmitter, the MySpot 200 system is comprised of a PowerPod module, IdlePod mounting module, and barrier. The proprietary energy storage mechanism, batteries, and electronics are housed within the rugged and durable cast-aluminum PowerPod module, which is sealed to withstand harsh environment, water, and debris. The available torque on the shaft is 140 in-lb. Measuring 43" (109 cm) long and 16.5" (42 cm) tall, the standard barrier is supported by the PowerPod module on one side and by the IdlePod module on the other. A weather-resistant, reflective "reserved" label is provided standard, however customized labels are readily accommodated. The PowerPod module is supplied with steel mounting plates to permit easy removal and replacement of the pods for road maintenance or to relocate the MySpot 200 system.

To enter a designated parking space, the user just sends a remote command from the keychain transmitter. The coded command releases a lock allowing gravity to lower the barrier. The energy to raise the barrier is then captured and stored in the hydraulic spring mechanism of the PowerPod module when the vehicle drives over it. Once the vehicle has parked or exited the space, the user simply depresses a button on the transmitter to raise the barrier. The raised barrier is a perceived theft deterrent for parked vehicle as it blocks unauthorized movement. Should excessive force be applied to the barrier, a self-resetting defense mechanism will absorb the impact and will disengage it from the PowerPod module to preserve the integrity of the module. The barrier is then returned to its raised position when the force is removed.

Designated Parking's system is engineered for the highest reliability, and tested to 20,000 up/down cycles representing over 10 years (at five cycles per day). It is designed for use by cars and light trucks weighing up to 10,000 lbs./5 tons. The device may be confidently employed in varied indoor and outdoor public and private sector parking applications including offices, apartments/condominiums, hospitals, colleges/universities, airports, municipal and retail parking lots, along with remote driveways. The MySpot 200 system may be ordered with built-in functionality to facilitate handicapped parking, or custom engineered for coin-parking applications.

Pricing for the MySpot 200 system is $640.00 each. Quantity discounts are available by contacting Designated Parking Corp. Delivery is from stock to 6 weeks.

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