Thermal Imaging Camera withstands difficult environments

Ircon Adds New Industrial Thermal Imaging Camera to Product Line-Up

Long considered a market leader in non-contact temperature measurement, Ircon's offering of industrial thermal imaging products has recently expanded to include the Maxline 2 Thermal Imaging Camera.

Most users of thermal imaging cameras have become familiar with these products as variations of consumer camcorder-style devices or vision systems cameras. While these styles of TI cameras function well for their intended use, industrial applications require a ruggedized product to withstand difficult environments. With this need in mind, Ircon set about to designing the Maxline 2.

The exterior design of the Maxline 2 is the first indication that this thermal imaging camera is built to thrive in tough applications. A sealed, stainless steel, Nema 4 enclosure protects the Maxline 2 from corrosion and humidity. High temperature cables and watertight connectors are used to protect the output of the Maxline 2 camera from interference. Internal focusing (controlled remotely by Ircon software) ensures that moving parts such as lenses are shielded from the environment. Finally, hard coated optics reduce the chance of scratches and other external damage which could affect the output of the camera.

The Maxline 2 is designed to interface with Ircon software and hardware to provide a complete system solution for each industrial application. Standard features such as ambient temperature compensation, 14 bit digital video, and output speeds up to 60 frames/second provide the Maxline 2 user with high accuracy real-time temperature images for process control, R&D, and quality assurance applications. Analog or digital video generated by the Maxline 2 is sent directly to the Ircon Industrial Operator Interface. This industrial computer can be panel mounted or wall mounted. The Industrial Operator Interface maintains the same NEMA 4 rating of the Maxline 2 so that it can be set up on the factory floor. Multiple Maxline 2 cameras can also be connected to the Industrial Operator Interface for those applications that require thermal image capture from different angles.

The Maxline 2 works with a wide variety of Ircon software including:

? Packaging Inspector (packaging applications)

? Mold Inspector (plastics, foundries, and other molding/casting applications)

? Torpedo Car Inspection System (steel mill torpedo cars)

? Image Analysis (general purpose, R&D)

? Medical Inspector (medical sealing and packaging)

? Preform Inspection System (fiber optics production)

These industry specific software products provide real time data capture and archiving, SQL database capabilities, and external outputs capabilities for alarming and process control.

The Maxline 2 is currently available in 5.0m, 8.0m, and 8-14m wavelengths for temperature ranges from 0 - 2500C (32 - 4500F). Water cooling and air purge accessories further aid the Maxline 2's ability to withstand high temperature, dusty applications. Combine the new Maxline 2 with Ircon software, and the Industrial Operator Interface and you have the best system for non-contact temperature measurement.

For more information on the Maxline 2 or any of the products in IRCON's product line contact IRCON, Inc., 7300 North Natchez Avenue, Niles, IL 60714; tel:1-800-323-7660 ext. 258; fax: 847-647-0948; or get downloadable versions of this press release
Thermal Imaging Camera withstands difficult environments.
Thermal Imaging Camera withstands difficult environments.

September 16, 2003 08:02 - Maxline 2 is protected from corrosion and humidity by sealed, stainless steel, Nema 4 enclosure. Internal focusing, controlled remotely by proprietary software, ensures moving parts are shielded from environment. Features include hard-coated optics, ambient temperature compensation, 14 bit digital video, and output speeds up to 60 frames/sec. Able to generate analog or digital video, product is available in 5.0, 8.0, and 8C14 m wavelengths.

Company Information:
Name: Ircon Inc.
Address: 7300-T N. Natchez Ave.
City: Niles
State: IL
ZIP: 60714
Country: USA
Phone: 847-967-5151
FAX: 847-647-0948

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