Time Lapse Recorder - 40 Hour Real Time / 64 Hour Time Lapse
40 Hour Real Time / 64 Hour Time Lapse

This time lapse recorder offers 40 hours of real time recording and 64 hours of time lapse recording. What that means is that you get much more recording time than you do with a normal VCR. You do not need to change tapes every 8 hours.

Designed to be used with any of our cameras, this time lapse recorder is true professional quality. Many great features found only on more expensive models are yours for a very reasonable price.

This is a security VCR, it will not record TV shows or play back movies. It's sole purpose on this earth is to document video captured by surveillance cameras.

Connection is simple. BNC type connectors on the back will interface with 95% of all CCTV systems, plus we give you a BNC to RCA adapter so you can use this recorder with ANY camera we sell. Simply hook the VCR to your existing TV with RCA inputs or any CCTV monitor. Follow the directions to set the clock, record speed, and other helpful features. You will be recording time lapse video in no time.


  • Longest Life Ball Bearing Capstan Motor - Provides 250% to 800% longer life than standard time lapse recorders.
  • 40 Hour Real Time Recording - Capture more without changing tapes
  • Digital Shuttle with 6 Selectable Settings - Helps pinpoint exact scenes during playback
  • Reverse Play - Plays video in reverse so you can go over footage you just watched without stopping the tape
  • 5 Selectable Recording Options - 2, 6, 18, 30, 48 hour modes
  • Audio Recording - Records audio from an external microphone in the 6, 18, and 30 hour recording modes
  • 4 Selectable Recording Modes - alarm, panic, repeat, and timer

  • Alarm - Attach the VCR to a motion sensor, magnetic door switch, or your existing alarm system to record only when something happens.
  • Panic - Attach the VCR to a separate button to start the recorder remotely
  • Repeat - Set the recorder to re-record at the end of a tape. If nothing happens just leave the VCR alone and it will take care of itself. If you need to review the tape just be sure and stop it before it gets to the end and begins again.
  • Timer - Set the recorder to automatically come on at a certain time then turn off. Helpful for factory operations or locations where you know nothing needs to be documented.

  • Built In Rechargeable back up battery - holds time and other settings for one month.
  • Power Loss Memory - If the power goes out the recorder will create a log of the time and date. It will then resume normal operation when the power comes back on and also log the time and date.
  • Multi Voltage Compatibility - 90 volts to 250 volts
  • Easy to use On Screen Programming
  • Remote Control or Main Panel Operation
  • Weight - 10.5 lbs
  • Resolution - 250 Color and 300 Black & White
  • Rewinds tape - within 3 minutes (T120)

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