Tiny Video Camera can be installed anywhere
Tiny Video Camera can be installed anywhere.

November 19, 2001 08:04 - Lightweight and compact DXC-C33 video camera measures 32 x 38 x 40 mm and weighs 48 g, making it easy to install in space-restricted environments. Camera's 1/3-in. CCD sensor provides horizontal resolution of 850 TV lines, 768 x 494 effective pixels, and 62 dB signal-to-noise ratio. Its minimum illumination is 2000 lx at F8. It has digital video (DV) output, making it suitable for applications including industrial inspection and microscopy.

New Sony Color Video Camera Features World's Smallest 1/3-Inch Three-CCD Camera Head

First In Series With Digital Video Output BOSTON, (THE VISION SHOW EAST, BOOTH #116), Oct. 29, 2001 - Sony Electronics will premiere its new DXC-C33 three-CCD remote-head color video camera at The Vision Show East in Boston, which runs from Oct. 30 through Nov. 1.

Characterized by a unique two-piece design that separates the camera head from the processor, it features the smallest 1/3-inch three-CCD camera in the world. This lightweight and compact camera is also the first in its product category to feature digital video (DV) output, making it ideal for applications ranging from industrial inspection and microscopy to point of view sports shooting.

The DXC-C33 video camera's head measures just 32 x 38 x 40 mm and weighs 48 grams, making the unit easy to install in space restricted environments. Moreover, the camera's 1/3-inch 3-CCD sensor provides a horizontal resolution of 850 TV lines, 768 x 494 effective pixels and a 62 dB signal-to-noise ratio. Its minimum illumination is 2000 lux at F8. In addition, the camera's DV output terminal allows users to record video signals to a compatible iLINK? (IEEE 1394) interface-equipped VTR without quality deterioration.

"We designed the DXC-C33 video camera to accommodate demanding applications where space is at a premium," said Jim Sandy, vice president, visual imaging products at Sony Electronics' Broadcast and Professional Company. "With the DXC-C33 video camera, we offer an extremely small camera head that can be connected to its processor unit with a flexible cable that can be extended up to 100 feet. And, not only did the new video camera inherit the advanced functions and superb picture quality found in all of our DXC cameras, but we've enhanced that functionality by providing i.LINK digital video transfer capabilities. All this in a compact and lightweight package."

The DXC-C33 video camera offers functions such as DynaLatitude, Dynamic Contrast Control Pius (DCC+), Black Stretch, Partial Enhance and Automatic Exposure (AE). The DynaLatitude function minimizes video level distortion by automatically managing the contrast of each pixel. DCC+ eliminates hue factor distortion and provides automatic knee correction. Black Stretch emphasizes contrast in dark areas, while Partial Enhance allows hue, saturation and detail alteration on a particular color selection. AE allows users to determine the best area for incoming light metering.

The DXC-C33 video camera can be controlled through various means such as the CCU front panel, the remote control unit, or by using an external computer via RS-232C interface. The camera head features a C-mount, making it suitable for a wide selection of optics and couplers. Its output signals include iLINK, Y/C, composite video and RGB. Power supply requirements range from 100 to 240 VAC. Shipments are scheduled to begin in January at a suggested list price of U.S. $5,295. The DXC-C33 video camera is available in a PAL version as well (DXC-C33P).

Sony Electronics' Broadcast and Professional Company provides advanced products and systems for a variety of professional and broadcast markets, including production, corporate, industrial, government, security, medical and education. Sony designs products and applications that help commercial customers transition to digital technologies and the emerging broadband network era. Sony products and services include those for broadcast acquisition, production, storage, data management, system integration, digital imaging, digital printing, large and small venue display and projection needs. Sony Electronics recorded annual sales approaching $14 billion in the fiscal year that ended on March 31, 2001. For press releases and digital images visit www.sony.com/news. For more information regarding the nearest Sony authorized dealer or service location, call 1-800-686- SONY. For product information, readers can visit www.sony.com/videocameras. 1-800-686-SONY. Press releases and digital images are available online at www.sel.sony.com/news.

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