Tranwo Tranwo 4761 Outdoor Colour (Day) B&W (Night) Wireless Camera and handheld Receiver
Tranwo 4761 Outdoor Colour (Day) B&W (Night) Wireless Camera and handheld Receiver 144.95 (inc VAT and FREE delivery)

Fantastic new outdoor day/night monitoring system - perfect for all home surveillance requirements!

Outdoor Colour Camera with bulit in Infra Red LEDS for Black and White night vision mode
Transmits ultra-high resolution and high brightness images
Manual Tilt-and-pan bracket assembly allows camera to cover a wide range of viewing angles
Ceiling or Wall mountable
View the pictures on the handheld 1.5 inch LCD screen
Sound-activated video viewing
Constant monitoring of the outside of your property from anywhere in your house
Monitor can be hooked up to a VCR for instant recording
Built in microphone for crystal clear sound
Add up to a total of 3 cameras (outdoor and/or indoor)
Wireless camera transmits up to 100 metres line of sight or up to 30 metres through walls etc
Very easy and quick to set up and use. No expensive installation or unsightly wires (camera is powered via mains - supplied with 10m power cable)
Fantastic value home security

Fantastic For:

* Front Doors* Home security * Driveways * Gardens * Back yards * Shop security * School security * Theft prevention * Cars*

The Wireless Cameras

The outdoor weather proof camera transmits high quality bright colour images during the day and automatically switches to black and white mode at night to allow it to see in low light conditions. The built-in infra red LEDS boost the cameras close range night vision. The wireless camera is mains powered and transmits up to 30 metres through walls and ceilings. There is also a built in microphone for crisp clear audio monitoring.

The Handheld Monitor

The convenient handheld monitor has a 1.5 inch colour TFT LCD screen. It is completely portable and can be operated using batteries (not included) or mains power. There is a voice-activation function that turns the monitor on automatically (from its standby position) when sound is detected at the camera site. There are 3 channels on the monitor allowing 2 more additional indoor or outdoor cameras to be added to the system. The monitor comes with a scart lead to connect directly into your TV or Video for instant monitoring and recording.

Wireless Transmission

The camera transmits crystal clear video and sound on the 2.4 Ghz frequency to the Receiver. No wires, no installation, no hassle! Wireless transmission range is up to 100 metres line of sight or up to 30 metres through walls etc.

Add More Cameras!

Want to keep an eye on everything that is going on? You can watch up to a total of 3 cameras with this system. Choose from the following additional indoor and outdoor cameras for a complete total surveillance kit

for only ?9.95 each
for only ?4.95
for only ?9.95
for only ?9.95

Additional Receiver

To be able to record video footage to a VCR and at the same time be still able to move your portable monitor from room to room keeping a watchful eye on everything is very simple. Just add the for only ?4.95 (inc VAT) to your CCTV system. It can be permanently plugged into your video or TV and will pick up the same camera signal as your portable monitor to allow you to view pictures on full screen TV or record directly to your VCR at any time.

Extend Your Night Vision Range

With the Infra Red Illuminator you can extend your night vision range to up to 10 metres for only ?4.95. Ideal for outdoor or indoor use. Works with all our B&W night vision cameras.

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