Tranwo Tranwo BabyViewCam Baby Monitor camera specification
Tranwo BabyViewCam Baby Monitor °Í119.95 (inc VAT and FREE delivery)

For the ultimate in portable peace of mind ?the new Colour, Night Vision BabyViewCam baby monitor.

With the BabyViewCam, you can not only listen to your child, but also see him or her day or night while you are busy in the house.

Colour LCD screen brings ultra-high resolution and high brightness images.
Switch the camera into night vision mode when you put your child to bed
Voice-activated video transmission.
Built-in microphone in camera for audio monitoring.
Built-in infrared LEDís provides images even in the darkness.
Monitor can be connected to a VCR for recording.
The two-piece design camera lens body offers flexible adjustment of rotating angle and keeps the lens steady.
Both monitor and camera are battery or mains powered.
Both monitor and camera can be free standing or wall mounted
Add up to 3 cameras for a complete CCTV security
2.4 GHz signal penetrates walls, floors, and ceilings.
Range approximately 300 feet clear line of sight

BabyViewCam combines a wireless camera with a 1.5-inch LCD wireless monitor screen. The camera transmits audio and colour motion video (black & white under the night-vision mode) to the portable monitor. You can carry it around the house and check on the baby when you are in a different part of the house.

BabyViewCam also comes with a voice-activated function! You can set the sensitivity of the audio level triggered by your baby. The monitor turns on automatically, so you will not miss a thing even while you are sleeping!

With brilliant features and functions, BabyViewCam provides the maximum safety measures for concerned parents!

Add More Cameras!

Want to keep an eye on everything that is going on? You can watch up to a total of 3 cameras with this system. Choose from the following additional indoor and outdoor cameras for a complete total surveillance kit

for only ?9.95 each
for only ?4.95
for only ?9.95
for only ?9.95

Add receivers to expand your system

Add another and watch what your BabyViewCam sees from another TV as well as your monitor. For only ?4.95 the extra receiver means that you can watch not only your baby monitor footage from another TV but also another security camera.

The Tranwo BabyViewCam is only ?19.95 including VAT. ADD to basket now.

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