Treo 600 PDA/Cellphone (144MHz, 32MB, SD/MMC Card, Palm OS v5.2.1H, GSM/GPRS) - Security Camera User Rating
Manufacturer: Palmone
Model: 1034NA
Average User RatingAverage User RatingAverage User Rating: Number of User Reviews: 12

Reviewed by: davidcorbett from GA on Feb 19, 2004

Experience: 90 Days

Strengths: Battery life is awesome - allows significant amount of talk time along with moderate to heavy PDA usage. More user friendly than previous Treo version. Easy navigation, almost no need for stylus.

Weaknesses: Camera resolution is not good. Included headset does not sound very good. Expensive. Keyboard a bit small.

Summary: I was a previous user of Treo 270. The 600 is a huge improvement over the prior version - battery life is amazing, navigation is greatly improved - almost no need to use the stylus. Not great at taking pictures, but with all the other features, this can be overlooked. Good resolution on the screen, other than pictures. Much easier to use without the flip top on prior version. More durable phone. Would highly recommend to others. Would be nice if it had a replaceable battery.

Reviewed by: WEThackrey from CA on Sep 1, 2004

Experience: 4 Months

Strengths: Powerful, rugged, customizable

Weaknesses: No BlueTooth

Summary: This is my second Treo phone - the first being a Treo 300. PalmOne fixed most every issue I had with the 300. I DO wish they'd included BlueTooth. The phone accommodates an SD memory card and there are rumours someone will release a compatible BlueTooth SD card, but nothing yet. As it is. I'm stuck with a wired headset.

Everything else about this phone/PDA is terrific, however. The keyboard is small but very useable. I've loaded a third party email client onto mine which works better for me than the one Sprint includes. This one (Snapper) is set up to check email on two of my accounts three times a day. VERY useful when I'm traveling. And, while I wouldn't like to write a novel on the keyboard, I can answer important emails easily. The pone is VERY well build and very durable. It is, thankfully, narrower than the Treo 300 and a good deal easier to hold. They also did away with the dreaded flip cover, a source of constant problems on the Treo 300. The controls are well laid out and most every button can be customized in the user preserences software.

Being a Palm device, the sync functionality is very mature and works well with both PCs and Macs. I sync to Entourage on the Mac and just this week that feature saved my butt when I was able to show my confirmation number to a hotel that had lost my reservation.

I'd like to point out to reviewer "wigeon1187" below, that he is confused. The Treo phones are NOT manufactured or sold by eDigital, maker of his MP3 player. The Treo 600 is a product of PalmONE. The product was originally built by Handspring, a company started by some of the designers from Palm, Inc. Palm Inc. recently bought Handspring and reorganized into a new company called PalmONE. Palm Inc. had an EXCELLENT reputation for customer service. A few years ago I broke my PalmPilot Pro. I had a new one in hand THE NEXT DAY. I have no reason to believe PalmONE would not also provide great customer service.

I am VERY happy with the Treo 600. It is small enough to treat as a telephone but contains a very powerful PDA. With the ability to act as an email client, it turns out to be a very empowering device for the business traveler.

Reviewed by: Frederik on Feb 23, 2004

Experience: 1 Months

Strengths: Battery life excellent (4 days normal use), Very fast contact lookup, Keyboard great for short email replies, Ecellent form factor (one-handed operation, fits in jeans pocket), SD card

Weaknesses: Camera pretty useless (want Bluetooth instead!), Phone functions not fully integrated into apps (eg ToDo list), Once a week needs soft-reset, Screen too bright (!), Very slippery casing!

Summary: I am a business user spending about half of my time in the office and the rest in meetings outside and I was looking for a combination PDA+phone. I was very much in doubt whether to get the Treo 600 or the Sony Ericsson P900. After using the Treo 600 for a month or so, I am very happy with the choice! I recommend getting screen protectors, sync cradle, and retractable USB change/sync cable for the road. Overall, I love it! /Fred

Reviewed by: ai4r from FL on Jun 28, 2004

Experience: 45 Days

Strengths: Clear Display, Excellent Reception & Transmission, Fast Processor, Multiple Uses or Functions & EASY to use!

Weaknesses: NONE

Summary: As an active Realtor, this device combined with a Laptop computer is a must. Has IR Hot Sync so no cables are needed. Battery Life is good too. This device works much better than my previous Samsung i330 PDA/Phone. I'm very glad I bought one and look forward to using it productively in my business. Thanks, Treo

Steve Chamberlain, Broker
Bay Realty Investments, Inc.

Reviewed by: stevenwerth from CA on Jan 31, 2004

Experience: 6 Months

Strengths: This phone does it all. The integrate the camera, mp3 player (which is great for the gym), spreadsheets, games, etc. Love the siZe compared to other palm phones. The speakerphone is nice.

Weaknesses: The camera takes so-so pictures. The screen doesn't have the best clarity (LOW PIXELS).

Summary: By far, the best phone I have ever owned. This is my 10th phone in 3 years. I HIGHLY recommend this for business and personal use. Everywhere I go, this phone is the envy of all. PalmOne (formerly Handspring) support is on top of their game. The SD slot is fantastic. I use the mp3 all the time. Battery life is AMAZING. Web browser is superior to all phones, full web page access (compared to my other Sprint camera phone). Writing emails is simple with QWERTY keyboard. I need to go dust off my digital camera, mp3 player, and laptop now............

Reviewed by: lesliebree from CA on Mar 8, 2004

Experience: 30 Days

Strengths: Powerful, up-to-date and one of the more user-friendly pda/phone combinations on the market.

Weaknesses: Camera isn't the highest quality.

Summary: I am a cell phone and pda techie and purchase all the new items that come out on the market. It has been a long time since I have seen a marriage of a quality pda and cell phone combined into one. Good reception, pda functionality and clarity in speakerphone. I don't think the camera matches up to the other VGA phones on the market like the Samsung A620, but that should be the least of my worries. I highly recommend this product.

Reviewed by: shinypate from CA on Mar 23, 2004

Experience: 2 Months

Strengths: Excellent marriage of PDA, web browser and phone... and getting better. Good battery life and good processing speed. Great contact manager and lots of downloadable apps available.

Weaknesses: purchase cost, weak .3 megapixel camera, no built-in bluetooth or wi-fi, and the MP3 player locked up on my phone. No voice-activated dialing ability.

Summary: I have had three Handspring products: several Visors, a Treo 270 (GSM) and now a Treo 600 (GSM). I have learned that the Treo is a good phone, and with the 600, it has become a very competent communicator: web browser (using Blazer), email POP3 manager, SMS and MMS available, and a good contact manager. In my experience, there is no product on the market which combines all the features I would like, but this comes the closest. In order to dial a client, I type 3-4 letters of his first or last name, hit return, and it pops up.
Data management is key with this machine. I can enter and manage data on the fine Palm Desktop, which I do if I need to type a lot. Data management is made easier if you sort entries into categories. I keep my calendar in the palm, and love the new polyphonic tunes. If you don't like what Palm includes, there are loads of Palm OS applications available.
The frustrations I've had have been related to the MP3 emulator (it locked up upon playing a song and I had to delete it when the developer could not fix the problem; he says he hasn't had a similar problem with anyone else) and the lack of wi-fi or bluetooth. Since the chips to do this are so inexpensive, I have to wonder why Handspring didn't put this ability in their flagship product.

I understand that, by the time the fall comes, PalmOne will be updating the 600 and fixing some of these items, but as for me, I'm well satisfied with my Treo and will likely not upgrade. I'd buy another one anyday, and that's high praise for me. Highly Recommended!

Reviewed by: Destructo from NH on Nov 5, 2003

Experience: 10 Days

Strengths: Portability, Ease of Use, Clearity of Calls, MMC/SD slot, Lengh of battery usage between charges, Speakerphone, Program availibility.

Weaknesses: Lack of accessories to date, Camera quaility, No graffiti space, size of keyboard.

Summary: This super phone/pda is the envy of all in the office and rightly so. Though the cost is abit on the high side for most, but the quality of product is well worth it.

For its size the Treo does a lot. Its a PDA, a Speaker phone, a portable date, address, document holder and game station. Yes you can even play MP3's with third party software, so what cant this thing do? It doesnt take great pics, so if you want it for anything more than taking driver's liscence quality photo's then stay away. But if you want to be the envy of all, and at the same time have a product that will help enhance your business and private life, then you definatly want the Treo 600.

Reviewed by: wigeon1187 from AL on May 22, 2004


Strengths: Works fine for about a month

Weaknesses: Tech Dept.!

Summary: I own a Treo MP3 player which is owned by the same company that makes all Treo products and its name is eDigital. Your going to have the same problems I've had when your device breaks on you. They have the worst tech dept. of them all. I sent my Treo 15 MP3 player in 3 times to be fixed and they shipped it back to me each time with out even an explanation of what they did or didn't do. This went on for months. I left message after message to the tech dept. but got no response until the warranty had expired and then the tech dept. called us back(Walter is his name) called and said that he was through with us and for us not to call back. He said he had tried to call us back earlier in the day and that nobody would pick the phone up. I tried to explain to Walter that my Dad had a heart attack and that our family had been at the hospital and his response was I don't care about your personal problems we have other things to work on beside yours (but they never did anything to it)and its out of warranty. I'm writing this so nobody else has to go through what we have had to and all we did wrong was to buy a product from eDigial. I even wrote a letter to the President & Vice President of eDigital who makes all Treo products and never even got a call back by anybody at this company. Just goes to show after they get your money they just will refuse to fix it if it breaks.

Reviewed by: TNDave from TN on Mar 28, 2005

Experience: 11 Days

Strengths: Great reception, clear sound, crammed full of features, easy to use and navigate.

Weaknesses: Poor camera quality, no bluetooth, little pricey.

Summary: I got the Treo for my wife who is constantly on the go. Being able to set appointments with alarm reminders is great for her, and she can use it very easily wherever she is. Picture caller ID is great, easy to navigate to both contact list or favorites list to place calls. Speakerphone sound is good, but the person on the other end of the speakerphone hears very low speech from the user. Great combination of PDA and cellphone, was very easy to start using right out of the box.

Only complaints are that the phone does not come with a car charger as standard, and the camera picture quality is not very good. The hands free and sync capability seem to work flawlessly (so far!).

Even though the keyboard looks small and cramped, it is surprisingly easy to use. I started out using the stylus most of the time, but have pretty much quit using or needing it.

Overall both my wife and I are very impressed with the Treo 600, so much so that I plan to buy another one so we both have one! I highly recommend this device to anyone looking for a quality smartphone.

Reviewed by: michaeldorazio from PA on Mar 4, 2005

Experience: 20 Days

Strengths: Crammed with features

Weaknesses: A little bulky

Summary: Its great for messaging and a must-have for email. But dont let its small size fool you. Dome-shaped keys and large text make it incredibly accurate too. And, for one-handed action, the central five-way navigation button lets you scroll through applications, menus and lists without ever touching the screen. Its also a digital camera and more. Take a picture, view it on your color screen or send it via MMS or email. Its that easy. Want to customize your Treo? Just use the SD/MMC expansion slot to add memory, software applications or content.

Reviewed by: WhistlingRabbit from CA on Dec 7, 2004

Experience: 2 Months

Strengths: The plastic seems a little more resistant to knocks than the 270. The one handed navigation is easier. Memory expansion is easy.

Weaknesses: Lack of blue tooth.

Summary: My previous Treo was the 270. Compared to this the 600 was easier to navigate, especially with one hand. The secure digital card slot is a big improvement since the 24MB internal memory gets full very quickly. The camera takes better close ups than my Canon 5 meg pixel camera in good light. The SIM card slides in easily in its own tray. The only thing missing is bluetooth which is on the Treo 650.

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