Treo 650 Smartphone (Sprint PCS Network Only) - Security Camera User Rating
Manufacturer: Sprint
Model: HSTR650HK
: Number of User Reviews: 6

Reviewed by: rstorm108 from NC on Jan 29, 2005

Experience: 7 Days

Strengths: Apps are very user friendly Screen resolution is great (320x320) and colors are bright and clear

Weaknesses: Not enough memory Sometimes some of the apps are not responsive (1 second delay when switching) Palm accessories are expenive (car charger) volume control needs to be more finner grained

Summary: As a phone, receptions is clear. It fits great in a the pocket, and battery life is almost as advertised. Because of the limited amount of memory included (~19 MB free), I was forced to use a 64MB SimpleTech (re-badged Panasonic card) and 512MB ATP 60x Secure Digital memory card. There have been no problems with compability.

I am using this device with TomTom Navigator 2004 for the Palm. The GPS is a bluetooth unit and flawlessless communicates with Treo 650. No problems at all. This is a great combination if you are looking for a GPS/phone device. With the Treo 650, there is now less device cluster.

Reviewed by: tomcadwell from WA on Jan 27, 2005

Experience: 7 Days

Strengths: Virtually infinite number of calls received/missed/sent log. Excellent color screen. Fast and efficient text entry relative to other phones. Synchronizes extremely well with ms outlook for contact mgt

Weaknesses: Bluetooth headsets used with this and other phones pick up a lot of ambient noise. To be effective as a contact manager, needs an add-on program. Can be slow to respond to keystrokes. Cumbersome redial

Summary: I strongly recommend the use of a hard carrying case so that the screen protection can be turned off. It's easy to accidently answer calls with screen protection "off", and screen protection "on" makes the phone clumsly to use.

Reviewed by: Metropolis from NY on May 1, 2005

Experience: 6 Days

Strengths: Sound is loud, clear calls, very customizeable with software, mp3 player, ebook reader, video player, camera, video camera

Weaknesses: Constant flashing "phone on" light, Phone vibrate could be more powerful.

Summary: This is the best phone I have ever had. I use the sprintpcs vision more than phone calling and this is excellent. The voice calls sound good and the speakerphone is great. Browsing the web on this treo is a breeze and fun. The keypad makes it easy to enter in web address, email address, and contacts. I used to get frustrated with all the other phones because of data entry being a pain and slow...not anymore with this product! Out of the box it comes loaded with software such as Documents to go, realplayer, calendar, calculator, games, and other useful utilities. It even had a half full battery charge so I was able to start using it right away.

I had always thought of pda phones of being big and bulky...not this, it's about the size of your palm. This is like having a communications center right in your pocket...what else do you need? There are so many applications and games available for the treo 650. If you don't like the default applications, you can get a new application that suits you. There are tons of freeware programs to experiment with. Gone are the days of only being limited to what Sprint had to offer in can find your own.

The only things that are missing straight out of the box is a voice memo recorder and a scratchpad to use with the stylus for quick note taking. But as I stated earlier, you can add your own. I am very pleased with this and definitely recommend the treo 650. This is a keeper and fun tech toy!

Reviewed by: nknarang from CA on Apr 3, 2005

Experience: 1 Months

Strengths: Good Screen, lot of functionality, handy for ready references

Weaknesses: Phone reception though clear when received, fades in and out a lot. Calls get lost. Callers get hung up taking it out of pocket, Sometimes it just reboots, Phone screen gets hung.

Summary: Good for taking pictures, hot sync is good, pda features are nice. Phone signal only shows 1 bar, at most 2, rarely more than 2. Person on the other end on phone is unable to decipher. Phone, when working, is clear, sucks most of the time. Would not reccomend purchasing it.

Reviewed by: drbetz from MI on Dec 22, 2004

Experience: 7 Days

Strengths: -Amazing screen -Awesome palm apps -Solid browser -Plenty of storage -Great signal -Fast data (considering it's 1x) -Great key-locking feature -Nice back lighting -Easy hard keyboard

Weaknesses: -When calls come in, I sometimes ended up hanging up on caller just trying to get it out of my pocket -Risk of breaking that beautiful screen -Browser requires ALOT of scrolling -Occasional restart bug -Occasional stylus lock-out bug -Vibrator very w

Summary: Overall, it is NOT a bad phone, however there are a few bugs. The bluetooth does not work well with the headset I purchased and the phone has a weaker signal than my old Sanyo 8100. Hopefully, Sprint or Treo will rectify that problem soon.

Reviewed by: dflet from GA on May 16, 2005

Experience: 3 Months

Strengths: Easy to use, lots of apps, play mp3 without headset, easy data entry, very easy to enjoy.

Weaknesses: It just reboots sometimes, and not that much free memory.

Summary: If you have this phone and a 1gig SD card. The world is yours, plus so many ad ons to make this phone the only device you need to carry with you.

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