Trying to Convince the Mrs. to Let You Buy That New Engine?

Smeding Performance Offers Eight Tips On Time Tested Ways to Help Convince Your Wife to Let You Buy that New Engine

Rancho Cordova, CA February 16, 2005 -- Ever been at a show or a one of your local shops with your wife and fell in love with an new engine for your ride? Then thought how can I convince my wife to let me spend the kids college fund on this? Don't you hate those couples that always seem so happy and the man seems to have no problem getting the latest toys he desires, no matter what the cost? Well, after many years in the engine business Smeding Performance realized that it's the women's approval that is necessary to make that big sale and has put together 8 tips to help win her over.

(Shameless Disclaimer: These tips are meant to be both humorous and helpful mixed together and should in no way be taken as the personal opinion of Ben Smeding or Smeding Performance.)

1. It's all about the presentation- As with most things in life, the better they are presented the more likely you are to accomplish your goal, and convincing your wife to let you buy that engine is no different. Highlight all the features, fuel efficiency, the decreased time in the garage for buying an already built motor and the high quality of the product when making your case.

2. Every Woman Loves A Good Deal- Show your wife how cost effective this new engine is and how it will provide you savings over the years. Highlight the special price you can get if you purchase right now versus waiting a few weeks even months.

3. Get Her Involved- Highlight all the things you can do together now that your hot rod has a new engine. Show her how she can be involved in your hobby and how you both will derive pleasure from this purchase.

4. Use The Old Saying "If the husband's happy in the garage you'll be happy in the bedroom"-Always a great way to convince your wife of just about anything. (It plays on a couple of things that women are typically very interested in keeping their man happy and being happy in the intimate parts of their life).

5. Always Be Closing-It's all about bartering: Offer her free shoes, purses or day of chores, whatever it takes to get the deal done. Sometimes you have to treat the purchase like a business deal and use any angle possible. Bartering for things she wants or needs will close the deal. Just remember you will have to be willing to compromise to make this one work.

6. Show Her How It Will Benefit The Future- When talking to your lady, make sure and point out the merits of how this new engine will benefit both of you in the future. Might be the finishing touch on one of the projects you have been building, that you will sell to get that extra money for a home renovation or could be completing a great gift for your child's sixteenth birthday. Whatever the angle highlight the benefits to her and your chances will improve.

7. If All Else Fails Use Guilt- Sometimes when you can't take the high road you have to take the low one (we all know how this one works), not that we recommend this but we wouldn't be human unless we suggested it.

8. Why The Hell Are You Asking Your Wife Anyway, Isn't The Engine For You? - Ladies, don't be offended by this one. You know there are men out there who think this way and in an attempt to be as complete and thorough on this topic we had to include this one.

About Smeding Performance
Smeding Performance specializes in building reliable, low-maintenance crate engines for truck, car and marine applications. These engines are not rebuilds: Smeding crate engines feature brand-new engine blocks and brand-new premium components. For more information, contact Smeding Performance, Dept. ___, 3340 Sunrise Blvd. #E, Rancho Cordova, CA 95742, 916-638-0899,

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