Twenty Foot RCA-to RJ-11E Adapter Cable

Adapts cameras with RCA outputs to work with systems using RJ-11E inputs and outputs.


  • 20' cable
  • One RCA audio connection
  • One RCA video connection
  • Single RJ-11E connection
  • This adapter cable allows you to connect cameras with female RCA audio and video outputs to a single RJ-11E connection for use with most Exxis, Smart Choice, and Focus video observation systems.

  • Black and White MicroCam
  • Wireless Video/TV Link
  • 24-Hour Real-Time/128-Hour Time-Lapse Recorder
  • Outdoor PIR Motion Detector
  • USB Business Comm
  • Day/Night Colour SuperCam
  • Regulated Variable 1200mA
  • Aluminum Weather-proof Housing with J Ceiling Mounting Bracket for Security Camera
  • Mini Suction Mount
  • Colour Pinhole Camera Module with Audio
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