USB Bridge connects digital camera to storage device

Delkin's USB Bridge Connects a Digital Camera Directly to a Storage Device Without a Computer

Poway CA, May 10, 2004 Delkin Devices Inc., maker of premium quality eFilm memory cards and other innovative products, announces a revolutionary new device that connects two USB devices together without a computer. The USB Bridge fits easily in the palm of one's hand, and enables users to copy files by attaching a digital camera directly to a variety of peripherals such as an iPod (and other MP3 players), USB Flash "Thumb Drives", external hard drives, CD-R burners and memory card readers. It links your camera to a wide variety of USB mass storage devices without having to remove the memory card. The Bridge works with all the top camera brands including Canon, Fuji, Kodak, Nikon, Olympus and Sony. Delkin designed the Bridge for the traveling photographer who prefers the convenience of leaving their laptop at home but still needs a solution for storing and transferring files on the fly. The versatile USB Bridge is more than a helpful tool for photographers. It can also work independent of a digital camera and enables anyone to copy files by directly linking:

- USB Flash "Thumb Drives" to USB Flash "Thumb Drives".

- A USB storage device to an iPod and other USB MP3 players.

- Memory Card Reader to Memory Card Reader

- USB Flash "Thumb Drive" or Memory Card Reader to a CD-R burner or External Hard Drive.

Delkin President and CEO Martin J. Wood points out that as digital photography continues to capture new consumers, photographers are looking for versatile products that make their lives easier. "Memory cards fill up quickly and photographers need quick and easy options to move images off their cards so that they can continue shooting," Wood said. "Photographers don't have time to go through the process of waiting for their computer to start up, running software to import their pictures, and then copying their images with another software program to a CD. The USB Bridge removes your computer from the equation, requires little effort, and bridges the gap between many popular storage devices previously unable to communicate directly with each other. Now you can do easily what was previously considered impossible". The USB Bridge will be available at consumer photography and electronic stores worldwide and online now at Delkin's website at The MSRP is $69.99US (plus VAT in some countries).

LED lights confirm when the unit is transferring files, and verify completion. File transfer is a one-button process which copies all files from the source to the destination, without erasing the original files. Another one-button verification step confirms that the transfer is complete to minimize the possibility of data loss. On the input side, the unit works by connecting one device to the source USB input port and transferring files to a second device connected to the destination USB output port. The input device can be most USB Mass Storage or PTP devices with the FAT 12/16/32 file format. These include digital cameras, USB Flash "Thumb Drives" and memory card reader/writers (including Bus-powered). PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol) is the standard for exchanging digital images between cameras and peripherals such as PCs, scanners and printers. On the output side, the data destination USB port is compatible with most USB Mass Storage devices with the FAT 12/16/32 file format, CD-R/RW (ISO9660), external hard disk drives, USB Flash "Thumb Drives", memory card media readers (including Bus-powered), and USB MP3 Players (including Apple's iPod?). Since the Bridge copies the entire contents of the input device, the output device must have enough free space available to accept all files located on the source device.

Martin Wood is especially excited about the Bridge working with the iPod. "With all the great options the digital age offers consumers today, we wanted to make a product that can be used in a variety of ways", says Wood." iPod lovers finally have an affordable way to transfer data onto one of today's most popular devices. Unlike other products on the market, you can still power your iPod while copying files using the Bridge". Delkin will be updating a full list of compatible cameras and other devices at Bridge users will be encouraged to add to the compatibility list through Delkin's "Crossing the Bridge" contest. Users who discover a compatible device not listed on Delkin's website will receive a free gift.

Two AA batteries (included) power the Bridge. Delkin estimates fully charged batteries would provide approximately 7 hours of continuous use and allow you to burn up to 8 CDs. Standard alkaline or rechargeable NIMH batteries can be used, with rechargeable batteries generally providing the most hours of continuous use. Wood predicts, "This small, light-weight USB Bridge will be welcomed by digital photographers and other people using USB devices who need to transfer files back and forth without lugging around a computer."

Delkin Devices, Inc., based in San Diego, California, has been operating since 1986. Since that time Delkin's eFilm digital storage products and accessories have become an industry leader in both OEM and consumer markets. eFilm memory cards are available in a wide variety of industry formats, and are supported by a full line of reader/writers and accessories. Known as the "Camera Store" brand, eFilm is available worldwide primarily through a network of independent camera stores, and a leading choice among photographers passionate about digital photography.

The company continues to be one of the leading US manufacturers for memory upgrades. Delkin's success has been the result of providing a broad range of products with premium quality, innovative designs and an ongoing dedication to superior customer service. Delkin's website,, attracts visitors from over 100 different countries, underscoring the company's international success.
USB Bridge connects digital camera to storage device.
USB Bridge connects digital camera to storage device.

May 12, 2004 07:40 - Powered by 2 AA batteries, palm-sized USB Bridge connects 2 USB devices together without use of computer. It copies files by attaching digital camera directly to peripherals such as MP3 players, USB Flash Thumb Drives, external hard drives, CD-R burners, and memory card readers. LEDs confirm when unit is transferring files and also verify completion. File transfer is accomplished via one-button process that does not erase original files.

Company Information:
Name: Delkin Devices, Inc.
Address: 13350 Kirkham Way
City: Poway
State: CA
ZIP: 92064
Country: USA
Phone: 858-391-1234
FAX: 858-391-1417

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