USB Flash Storage Card Reader

The EDRUSBRD flash storage card reader is the simplest way to transfer digital video images from your DVR to your PC or MAC computer. USB compatibility and Plug-and-Play convenience make this reader the ideal solution for reading Secure Digital and MultiMedia memory cards

Technical Notes: These memory cards can be quite volatile and failure to properly remove the card from the reader can result in loss or corruption of stored data.

Card Removal Procedure-
1) Double click on “My Computer?BR> 2) Right click on the media reader disk drive icon
3) Select “Eject?
4) Remove disk

(safe card removal is not possible with OS X)
1) Click on media reader drive icon
2) Select “Special?from command bar
3) Select “Eject?from drop down list
4) Remove disk


  • Supports Secure Digital and MultiMedia cards
  • Portable, compact design, and low power consumption
  • High-speed USB connectivity transfers data at speeds of up to 12Mb per second
  • Offers hot swap Plug-and-Play convenience
  • System Requirements: Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP and Mac OS 9.0 or later versions
  • USB powered - no external power cords or adapter required

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