Ultramini Monochrome Camera
The PC-72s are built tough in the format preferred by police departments and narcotics units to survive the rigors of day in and day out covert operations. Despite the fact that the B/W ultra mini video security camera measures only 1 inch square by .75 inch thick, it packs big camera features and performance. Resolution is a super sharp 420 lines and low light ability is a stealthy 0.05 lux. This camera can practically see in the dark! A new image enhancing circuit automatically fine tunes and sharpens the picture. All control functions are automatic, ensuring great video in nearly any situation. The PC-72 has a built-in DC-DC converter which enables the camera to maintain high quality video even when used with noisy power supplies or long cable runs. A reverse polarity protection circuit is built into the camera. Available with a precision 4.5mm microlens with 75 degree field of view or covert 4.7mm super pinhole lens with 70 degree field of view. The clever ultra pinhole lens has a 1/4” protrusion from the front face of the security camera. This makes it exceptionally easy to mount in concealments with little or no vignetting. The PC-72 combines compact size, super high performance and durability. Power requirement is 9-15 volts DC, 100 milliamps.
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