Universal IR Learning Wallplate

"Libra Systems is proud to announce the launch of its WP-2 remote wallplate, primarily aimed at the home installation market. There is an increasing demand for sleeker and more aesthetically pleasing installations, where customers require the simplest of controls on wallplates, and all other functions being handled by handheld remotes. The WP-2 is a simple and stylish solution that will complement modern homes, while allowing infrared control of remote equipment.

Designed mainly for audio control, the WP-2 is a UK-sized wallplate incorporating an infrared receiver, and 3 buttons that can learn IR codes for volume up, down, and on/off. There is also a ‘long-press’ feature on the on/off button which allows a separate infrared command to be activated when the on/off button is pressed for more than 3 seconds – very useful for special all-off or power-off functions...

With its output either connected directly to an infrared emitter, or wired to industry-standard hardwired IR distribution systems, the WP-2 will output the learnt infrared code when the appropriate button is pressed. It also acts as an infrared repeater system, re-transmitting any infrared commands it receives. Multiple WP-2 wallplates can also be wired in parallel for simple multi-room applications.

The wallplate is available in stainless steel or white finishes, and has a retail price of £99 inc VAT"

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