VCT-D680RM Tripod with Remote Controller on Handle - Security Camera User Rating
Manufacturer: Sony
Model: VCTD680RM
: Number of User Reviews: 5

Reviewed by: im2late from NJ on Dec 20, 2003

Experience: 6 Weeks

Strengths: It has a remote control!!! Smooth panning and tilting. Case w/shoulder strap is included.

Weaknesses: Tripod is a bit too lightweight. Center column has no lock.

Summary: (Edited January 01st by im2late) The bad: The Sony VCT-680 could be a bit heavier, but it is probably fine for the current crop of camcorders and digital cameras. The tripod would have been better if it had a center column lock so that legs could be spread out to varying diameters. Also, the plastic leg locks could have been more heavy duty.
The good: The rubber feet grip the floor fairly well, and the telescoping legs extend and fold up easily. The remote is a terrific convenience and keeps your hands off the camera. This translates into less camera shake when recording. On the remote, there is a button to power the camera on and off as well as dedicated buttons for starting your recording or for taking a still picture. There is also a zoom control with 2 speeds. (I wish it had allowed for variable speeds.) Finally, the tripod is a dream to use. It pans and tilts very easily so you can follow your subject smoothly! From what I've seen, camcorder remotes alone can cost a fortune, so this one complete with tripod and case is a steal at under $100!!!

For a comparison, I tried another brand remote control tripod priced under $100. Its remote was more full featured than the Sony's and the tripod had a heavier frame. However, I found that the tripod was inferior from a mechanical point of view. Panning was difficult, the "rubber" feet didn't grip the floor, legs didn't telescope easily and the panhead was not level. The Sony was clearly superior!

The Sony deserves 4 stars and I highly recommend it.

Reviewed by: mlmckenzie from NY on Jun 6, 2004

Experience: 2 Weeks

Strengths: lightweight, remote control, comes with carry bag

Weaknesses: not the heaviest material for the legs--not sure how durable it will be

Summary: This tripod was bought to accompany a Sony Cyber-Shot camera. It was extremely easy to get started with, simply plugging the wire from the remote into the accessory plug of the camera. Zoom and focus were smoothly operated by the remote. The power button to the camera also worked properly. If you're using other advanced features on your camera, you'll need to remain setting them on the camera itself.

Tripod has many nice features, including the level indicator. There are four sections of leg extensions, as well as a crank for the extending the section that the camera is set on. Tripod is light to carry in the nice accompanying bag with shoulder strap. There are good feet on the tripod, which seemed to keep it from slipping.

The only improvement I could think of would be if the remote section of the tripod were removable with a long cord. Then, you could set up your shot and move back (I'm using the tripod to take photos of wildlife). The other thing of note is that the remote is on the right hand and cannot be switched. If a left-hander has trouble using their right hand, this might not be a good solution for them.

Overall, I think this tripod is a great value for the price. The remote definitely makes taking photos easier when the camera is positioned high. Tripod is versital and light enough to be carried anywhere.

Reviewed by: spn_tx from TX on Mar 18, 2004

Experience: 1 Months

Strengths: Remote control, smooth operation, great value.

Weaknesses: None

Summary: For the price, under $100, this tripod is a great value. Just a remote control for a tripod,if purchased separetely, can cost you almost twice as much, or even more.
Te operation of the tripod is very smooth. It is also very light so it's easy to carry around.
It is the perfect companion for my Sony TRV70.
I would highly recommend it.

Reviewed by: yohan from CA on Mar 12, 2005

Experience: 3 Months

Strengths: Light weight, sturdy, remote, level, quick release, 3-axis

Weaknesses: remote only works on Sony camcorders, pricey

Summary: This is a decent tripod that comes with a carrying case, is light weight yet sturdy. The built-in level is useful if you're on an uneven surface. However, the main selling point is the remote that lets you operate Sony camcorders/cameras from the tripod. If you don't have a Sony then you're out of luck and would probably save a bit of money buying a tripod without the remote.

Reviewed by: JEFFREYLCOBB from MI on Dec 10, 2004

Experience: 14 Days

Strengths: The remote handle is awsome, makes working the camera so easy. Quick setup and takedown.

Weaknesses: Crank handle for height adjustment a little flimsy.

Summary: I had been looking at this tripod for a year and now I kick myself for not getting it sooner. This thing is awsome. My kids are in gymnastics and diving and this thing make shooting the camcorder a snap. the remote handle really makes shooting clean and simple.

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