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VICON is a world leader in the development, manufacturing and sale of integrated video security, surveillance and communication systems. VICON distributes its products through authorized re-sellers in over 40 countries worldwide, with international offices in the UK, Belgium and China. VICON's main product lines include a full line of digital video recording systems, network-based matrix switching systems, PTZ and fixed-camera domes as well as standard camera housings, fiber optic transmission systems and monitors.

VICON's products are used in a wide range of industrial security and surveillance applications that include government facilities, airports, shopping malls, prisons, casinos and retail facilities. The products are typically used by end-users as a crime deterrent, for visual documentation, observing inaccessible or hazardous areas, limiting liability, increasing safety, managing control systems and improving efficiency.

For 35 years VICON has designed, engineered and produced high performance video systems. Product development is engineered systems oriented, focusing on sophisticated multi-camera, local and wide area network applications. VICON has made a significant investment in digital video development. A digital platform creates many possibilities for transparent system integration with other security technologies. Product development is also enterprise-solution driven, which means core technology hardware and software is VICON proprietary, affording users custom applications.

At VICON, a knowledgeable support staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help with programming, installation, operation and troubleshooting matters. A toll free number is available. We also offer a comprehensive schedule of technical training classes at no charge and a three year beneficial warranty.

Hauppauge, NY and Yazneh, Israel

Camera Dome Systems and Cameras. Pan-and-Tilt Devices, Monitors, Digital Video Recording Systems, Multiplexers, Camera Housings and Mounting Equipment, Time-Lapse Recorders, Programmable Controls and Matrix Switching Systems, Video Signal and Fiber-Optic Transmission Equipment, and Lenses.

89 Arkay Drive
Hauppauge, NY 11788
Phone: (631) 952-2288
Fax: (631) 951-2288

Number of employees: 150
Founded 1967

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