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Samsung SOC-4020 Security Color Camera offers 480 TV Lines of resolution with
Built In 2.5 Varifocal Lens. Features a 1/3" CCD that is capable of a 410,000
pixels display. Comes with built-in 2.5X vari-focal lens with auto iris. Offers
a 0.5 Lux with fstop of 1.2. Auto White Balance. Accepts both AC 24V, and DC


  • 1/3" 410,000 pixels

  • Built-in 2.5X vari-focal Lens with auto iris

  • Excellent backlight compensation

  • Minimum illumination of 0.5 Lux at f1.2

  • Horizontal resolution of 480TV lines

  • White Balance (ATW)

  • AC 24V, DC 12V

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