Varifocal Dome Camera
The MD30 model camera is based on the amazing new Sony 1/3 Super HAD CCD chipset which deliver fantastic low light performance. Versatile and unobtrusive, theyre easy to mount anywhere. Getting the exact field of view is done in just seconds with the powerful 4-9MM varifocal zoom lens. You can go from a wide 79 degrees to a tight 35 degrees capturing just the camera view you want. The MD30 delivers 420 lines of resolution and a low light light rating of 0.1 lux. Cameras has a low light rating of 0.2 lux. Size of this cameras is 4.2 in diameter and 3.4 height. Plug and play cables with BNC connectors make installation easy. Run off of 12 volts DC, 180mA and give you a full array of automatic features. Convenient pan and tilt adjustments located under the dome.
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