View Cube Camera

Here's a tiny 1" square B/W CCTV high resolution Ex-View cube video security camera featuring Sony's incredible new Ex-View CCD chip set. Low light ability is a phenomenal 0.0003 lux! This security camera sees in virtual darkness. Resolution is a razor sharp 600 lines. Built in 1/60-1/100,000 second electronic shutter ensures great video in any lighting condition. The PC-182XP with a 3.7MM covert pinhole lens is ideal for many covert security applications, Built tough in a solid molded housing. All versions run on 12 volts DC and draw only 100 mA. All cameras are .98" X .98". and is .80" deep. This camera has a BNC connection.

  • 0.0003 low lux rating
  • Amazing 600 lines of resolution
  • 3.7MM lens 12 volts DC, 100mA

  • 512MB Secure Digital Memory Card
  • Universal Camera Housing
  • High Quality USB 2.0 Cables
  • Li Photo CR-V3
  • Single Camera Power Transformer, 24Volt AC
  • Lexmark P915 Photo
  • Camera PSU and Cable Kit
  • 21 inch Color Monitor with built in DVR
  • Li-Ion CR123 Battery
  • Kodak CX7300
  • AX Series V2
  • Discussion on Security Camera