Visix Visix 4 Camera Digital Video Recorder digital camera features
Visix 4 Camera Digital Video Recorder From 799.95 (inc VAT and FREE delivery)

This sophisticated DVR is packed full of features allowing extensive versatility in its use whilst maintaining a simple to use installation and set-up system.

A fully featured 4 Camera Digital Video Recorder in one easy to use unit
Simultaneous, real time digital recording from up to 4 cameras
Record continuously or on motion activation
Records one to four cameras, and Audio from one camera digitally on to the Hard Drive at up to 50fps
A flash card slot allows easy removal of footage
Removable hard disk allowing easy upgrade or replacement
TCP/IP network connection
Time and date stamps all footage
Connect to any TV or monitor
Record up to 1 year continuously
120GB or 250GB hard drive included
Easy installation with plug and play connection
Fully complies with the Data Protection Act.
Designed to replace standard tape based recording equipment in almost any CCTV installation.
Alarm Inputs and Alarm Output for alarm triggered event recording and external device control.
1 Year Guarantee

If it is awesome flexibility and ease of use that you are looking for then this is the DVR for you.

Connect to your TV
Simply connect the DVR to your TV`s video input via a BNC to SCART lead and you will see the cameras displayed.

Connect your cameras
The DVR can support up to 4 cameras - connect the video signal cable from the camera to the DVR and plug the camera into the mains - simple!

Motion detection
A sophisticated motion detection system that allows you to tailor the setting to your needs

TCP/IP network connection
A built-in TCP/IP network connection allows remote access and control of the DVR from any PC on the internet with appropriate security features


Recording Times:
Factory default setting is 50 frames per second. The higher the record frame rate is, the more natural the footage will look when played back. The lower the record frame rate is the more footage you can fit on the hard drive. You can set record rates of 50, 25, 10, 5, 2, 1, 0.5, 0.4, 0.2 and 0.1fps

You can also set the video quality level to Superior, High, Standard, Basic, Low and Lower

Some examples of recording times (250GB) are as follows:

4 cameras, high quality at 25 fps = 319hrs.
4 cameras, basic quality at 25fps = 427hrs
4 cameras, basic quality at 1 fps = 10708hours

Some examples of recording times (120GB) are as follows:

4 cameras, high quality at 25 fps = 160hrs.
4 cameras, basic quality at 25fps = 214hrs
4 cameras, basic quality at 1 fps = 5354hours

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