Visonic PowerMax? Wireless Alarm Kit
Nothing is more important than knowing that you and your family have a safe, secure environment to come home to every night. With a wireless alarm, you can insure the safety of your home conveniently and inexpensively. You and your family deserve the best protection with the least amount of hassle.

A full-featured wireless security system that combines the most popular security features in one convenient and affordable package! This system offers all the bells and whistles you need to effectively protect your home from burglars. Plus, because it uses advanced wireless transmission technology, the Powermax system can be installed with minimum effort, without strewing cables throughout your home! You can even install it in rented homes and apartments, taking the equipment with you the next time you move.

Don't let your home or family be endangered by burglaries or fires! Protect them with a TRUE professional wireless security system that actually talks you through the set-up process and gives verbal status updates.

This 30-zone system installs in minutes. Just plug it in, mount the wireless sensors in the zones you want to protect, program and installation is complete!

When it detects an alarm signal from one of the wireless sensors, the system blasts an 85dB siren that alerts residents AND deters thieves. Plus, it calls 3 private phone numbers and plays a pre-recorded message recorded in your own voice. Out of town for the weekend? Try having it call a neighbor or friend, or even your cell phone, so you'll always know when something is happening. It dials anywhere in the world, and does NOT need its own phone line.

It also supports 24-hour monitoring by commercial alarm monitoring personnel, who can dispatch police, fire or medical response (depending on the type of alert it receives). It can even call you for non-alarm events. For example, want to know that your kids arrived home safely from school? The system can call you at the office to let you know that your child successfully disarmed the alarm.

This sophisticated system combines a control panel, keypad, graphic LCD screen w/clock, 85dB siren, speaker, and microphone in one elegant console. It offers 8 individual user codes, so each member of your household can have an independent code ID. It also doubles as a message center, so you can hear and leave messages up to 20 seconds for other family members

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