Vocal Technologies To Introduce Ultra-Low Cost ATA Designs

Selection of Reference Designs Include Highly Reliable VoIP ATA at $6.00 Unit Cost; Full Motion IP Videophone ATA Design at $30.00 Unit Cost Also Now Available

Buffalo, NY March 31, 2005 -- Vocal Technologies, Ltd. today announced it will be demonstrating a new range of high performance, ultra-low cost Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) reference designs. Among the products to be introduced are breakthrough voice and full-motion videophone designs so cost-effective, they allow suppliers and/or service providers to offer resulting equipment at little or no cost to end users.

Vocal's use of unique, patent-pending algorithms allows equipment suppliers to leverage DSP (Digital Signal Processor) resources, thereby eliminating the need for an additional RISC processor. The reduced component count results in significant savings; Vocal's 1x0 ATA, for example, boasts a Bill of Materials (BOM) of just $6.00 per unit, while a full-motion videophone ATA can be manufactured for just $30.00 per unit.

"Vocal is re-defining the ATA field, making VoIP cost effective for both suppliers and end users," said John Blume, CEO of Vocal Technologies. "We believe innovative ATA technology that radically reduces manufacturing cost is a key to enabling the new age of widespread VoIP. Once manufacturers and service providers examine these groundbreaking designs for themselves, the potential for accelerated VoIP roll-out will become evident."

Vocal's design portfolio also includes a 2x2+1 solution that supports two telephone lines, two Ethernet ports and a PSTN life-line port for automated voice service switching in case of a power outage or network disconnection.

All Vocal products use the rapidly emerging IP telephony standard Session Initiation Protocol (SIPv2) as well as multiple advanced codecs to optimize ATA performance.

Additional information about Vocal Technologies can be found at www.vocal.com.

About Vocal Technologies, Ltd.
Founded in 1986, Vocal Technologies, Ltd., is an industry leader in providing innovative telecommunications and networking solutions to a large base of international OEM customers. Vocal has one of the industry's largest data and telephony software modem libraries, and supports all major platforms including Texas Instruments, ARM, MIPS, Legerity, Analog Devices and CEVA cores. For more information, visit www.vocal.com.

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