Voltek Voltek B&W Motion Detection 2 Way Intercom CCTV Camera camera specification
Voltek B&W Motion Detection 2 Way Intercom CCTV Camera 99.95 (inc VAT and FREE delivery)

A simple and cost effective door entry system with motion detection alerts and two way speech facility - connects directly with your TV/VCR.

Black & White weatherproof camera with 78 degree angle lens
Built-in PIR with 7m range over 90 degrees
300 TV Line resolution
Camera and intercom unit have built in microphone and loud speaker to allow two way speech (microphone picks up speech up to 5m away).
Low light vision capability - 2 lux (ensure external light is near camera)
Wall mountable (64mm (W) x 76mm (H) x 109mm (D)
Supplied with 20m of cable and 230V AC power adaptor
1 Year Guarantee
Easy to set up and install

Set the camera up by your front door and create an instant door entry system with a two way intercom. Not only will you be able to see the visitor but you can speak to them as well

How it Works:

The B&W camera is wall mounted outside the front door and the cable runs back inside to the control box situated near your TV. The control box plugs into a power socket and into your TV/VCR (the control box powers the camera).

If a person comes within 7m of the camera a buzzer sounds and the user can turn the channel on the TV over to instantly view what is happening. The built in microphone in the camera will allow you to hear whatever the visitor says and with a press of a button you can then talk back!

Extend the distance of your camera

Extend the distance of your camera with the for ?6.95 each. You can add up to a maximum of 5 extension leads allowing cameras to be 95m away without any loss of signal or degradation of picture quality

Add the VCR Activator for ?4.95 to record when someone approaches the camera. The bulit in PIR on the camera allows for motion detection recording straight to your home VCR!

Time and Date Generator

If you would like to add the Time and Date Generator to your motion activated recordings, simply add the for ?9.95

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