Voltek Voltek Spectrum SP820 8 Way Switcher with wired camera digital camera specification
Voltek Spectrum SP820 8 Way Switcher with wired camera 329.95 (inc VAT and FREE delivery)

Everything you need in one box for a complete CCTV system. This fantastic unit allows motion detection recording to any domestic VCR, date and time stamping and switching between up to 8 wired cameras

8 way switching unit
Built in VCR Controller for automatic recording when motion sensor triggered
Built in Date and Time Generator for accurate event recording
Includes one outdoor B&W night vision wired camera with built in PIR sensor and microphone
Internal alarm buzzer to alert when motion sensor has been activated
Simple to operate with the on-screen display control
No seperate power supplies for the cameras as they are all powered by the Spectrum unit using fast-simple plug-in connectors
Easy to install and set up

Fantastic For:

* Home security * Driveways * Gardens * Back yards * Shop security * School security * Theft prevention * Front doors * Cars

Spectrum 8 Way Control Unit

The Spectrum is a complete Multi-camera unit which automatically records intruders / visitors onto tape using your own VCR. It has an 8 way switching device allowing up to a maximum of 8 cameras to be linked up. The on-screen menus make this system extremely easy to set up and shows time, date and status at all times.The alarm inputs activate the internal buzzer, start you VCR recording and switch the camera to the relevant picture when an intruder is detected.

SP20 B&W EyeCam

This 420 TVL high resolution black and white camera has a wide viewing angle allowing for maximum area of property to be covered. It has a built-in 10 metre PIR sensor for detecting intruders and an integral microphone. The camera has 6 infra red LEDs to allow for excellent night time vision. The camera is supplied with 20metres of cable

Add extra cameras

You can add a maximum of 8 Voltek SP20 Spectrum B&W Eyecam cameras for only ?29.95 each to complete your Multi Camera System


There are a range of accessories that can add fantastic value to your Spectrum CCTV security system. See below for all the options available

SP1 Wireless Remote Control
Control your cameras from anywhere on your property with this handy small wireless remote control for just ?4.95 inc VAT.

SP2 Additional Remote Control
Add a second remote control to the system for only ?9.95

SP3 Wideband TV Modulator Need another spare Scart socket on your TV to install your Spectrum CCTV system? Its simple with the SP3 Wideband TV Modulator costing ?2.95 inc VAT

SP4 TV/Scart Interface
Add a TV/Scart Interface if you have run out of scart connections. Only 29.95 inc VAT

SP5 Alarm Output Interface Module
You can add an Alarm Output Interface Module to allow you to link external alarms to your Spectrum system for just ?7.95

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