Voltek Voltek Wireless Colour 10m PIR Camera With VCR Activator digital camera features
Voltek Wireless Colour 10m PIR Camera With VCR Activator 271.95 (inc VAT and FREE delivery)

Record to your VCR when motion is detected. 10m PIR Detection Zone!

    Record to VCR on motion detection
    Colour with night vision range of 4m
    10 metre zone PIR detection over 90 degrees
    CCD sensor
    With audio
    73 x 73 x 165mm
    Camera transmits wirelessly up to 100 metres line of sight or up to 30 metres through walls etc
    Very easy and quick to set up and use.
    No expensive installation or unsightly wires
    Add up to a total of 3 cameras

If you are looking for a wireless CCTV system that will automatically record when movement is detected, then this system is ideal.

This system is perfect for home security, shop security and all other movement detection monitoring requirements. You can even add up to a total of three movement detecting outdoor cameras and record everything as it happens

The Wireless PIR Camera

The colour PIR (movement detection) weatherproof wireless camera provides you with a fantastically clear picture of what is going on. The cameras work under very low light levels and provide clear night vision pictures. The camera is capable of detecting movement up to 10 metres away over a 90 degree angle. When movement is detected, the camera transmits clear video to the receiver which triggers the video activator to start your video recorder recording. The built-in microphone allows you to hear everything perfectly as well. The camera has an integrated stand for desktop positioning or can be mounted on the wall. You can add up to a total of 3 outdoor movement detection cameras to this system.

Extend the length of the mains power cable by fitting a 5m Extension Lead


The receiver allows you to view up to 3 cameras individually or you can set to auto-scan with adjustable dwell times of 2-30 seconds on each camera. If motion is detected by an individual camera it will dwell on that camera. You can buy as many additional receivers as you require to view motion detected events on additional televisions.

Wireless Transmission

The camera transmits crystal clear video and sound on the 2.4 Ghz frequency to the Receiver. No wires, no installation, no hassle! The camera transmits wirelessly up to 70 metres line of sight or up to 30 metres through walls etc.

The Video Activator
When the camera PIR detects movement it sends an alarm signal to the receiver which in turn triggers the Video Activator. This is done by an infra-red link, exactly as your remote control works.

You can set how long the VCR will record for after the last movement was detected. Also included is an audio alarm when recording commences to warn you of motion detection.

Simple push buttons and LED indicators allow full control and use. An Enable/Disable button allows the unit to be easily enabled and ready to record. It has been pre-programmed with virtually every make of video recorder infra-red command for easy setting up. Memory back-up prevents the need for re-programming in the event of a power loss.

Time and Date Generator

If you would like to add the Time and Date Generator to your motion activated recordings, simply add the Time and Date Generator for ?9.95

Add More Cameras!

Want to keep an eye on everything that is going on? You can watch up to a total of 3 cameras on this system. Add additional VOLTEK B&W 10M PIR CAMERAS for only ?24.95 each or VOLTEK COLOUR 10M PIR CAMERAS for only ?66.95 and you can then monitor outside, your car or see who is at the door. You can manually switch between the cameras or set to automatically rotate between the cameras with adjustable dwell time of 2-30 seconds on each camera.

CCTV Warning Sign

Add a to your purchase to provide additional deterrent.

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