Voltek Voltek x 4 Colour (Day) / B&W (Night Vision) Wired Camera DVR Bundle digital camera
Voltek x 4 Colour (Day) / B&W (Night Vision) Wired Camera DVR Bundle 999.95 (inc VAT and FREE delivery)

Want the best quality cameras? Need a system that will record everything and be low maintenance?

This 4 Voltek Professinal Day/Night Camera Kit is perfect for any domestic or office property. Our top of the range cameras provide amazing quality colour pictures during the day and automatically switch to Black and White Night vision mode that can see up to 10 metres in the dark! Simply connect the cameras directly to the DVR and let it record all the action continously for months at a time!

Instant day/night monitoring
Colour during the day - black & white with night vision at night
Great 380 TV line resolution
1/3 inch CCD Lens for fantastic quality
78 degree wide angle lens
Infra Red Night Vision Range up to 10 metres in total darkness
Supplied with wall mounting bracket and 20metres of cable

Digital Video Recorder
Record all 4 cameras simultaneously
120GB hard disk included
Record at up to 100fps (25fps per camera)
Uses mjpeg compression to record onto the hard disk
Remove footage from the hard drive by connecting up to a TV and VCR
Quick multiple search function by date/time, alarm, full list.
Security password protection
Easy to use
Up to 57 hours Real Time Recording or 4425 hours time lapse recording
Infra-red remote control
Alarm Inputs and Alarm Output for alarm triggered event recording and external device control
Space for a second hard drive for additional storage capacity.

The Voltek Professional Camera will meet all your requirements - colour during the day and excellent quality night vision at night. View this great resolution camera on a TV and/or video recorder or even PC!

The Wired Camera

The day/night wired camera provides you with a fantastically clear picture of what is going on during the day AND the night. The camera changes into infra red night vision mode when it detects the light levels dropping below a certain level allowing a seamless transition between day and night. The camera can be mounted on the wall and comes with 20metres of cable.

Extend the distance of your Camera

Extend the distance of your camera with theVoltek CT250 15 metre Extension Lead for ?7.95 each. You can add up to a maximum of 5 extension leads allowing cameras to be 95m away without any loss of signal or degradation of picture quality.

Digital Video Recorder
The Voltek Digital Video Recorder will record all 4 cameras simultaneously on to its built in 120GB Hard Drive. You can view the pictures in a quad split screen mode or individually. All footage is date and time stamped and cannot be tampered with therefore complying fully with the Data Protection Act. The unit comes complete with Remote Control making it even easier to programme or change channels.

Video Quality:
You can set the video quality level to either high, normal or basic and set the fps rate depending on how long you want to record for. Some examples of recording times are as follows:
Record over the weekend!
4 cameras, high quality at 25 fps = 57hrs.
Capture the entire week!
4 cameras, basic quality at 18fps = 180hrs
Continuous record for 3 months
4 cameras, basic quality at 1 fps = 2250 hours

See full specification details on the Voltek DVR-4

Connect to your TV
Simply connect the DVR to your TV's video input via a BNC to SCART lead and you will see the cameras displayed.

Add a Professional Security Monitor
Connect the DVR to a CCTV monitor for professional quality pictures. See our range of B&W and Colour 14 Inch Professional CCTV Monitors.

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