WV-AS60 DVR Viewing Software
WV-AS60 DVR Viewing Software

The WV-AS60 is a powerful viewing software program designed for comprehensive record control of up to 100 Panasonic WJ-HD300 digital video recorders and 256 cameras with pan/tilt/zoom control over a network. The viewing software runs on a Windows XP platform thus allowing for easy system integration and centralized control of DVRs anywhere on the network.

The versatile software can be programmed for custom views from any camera, any recorder on a single screen. It also allows users the ability to control, access, playback and transfer images from one unit to another across a digital network platform. Images can be accessed randomly or automatically through alarm logs and can be downloaded from the DVRs onto the PC's hard drive or external device.

Built-in user name and password protection provide authorized access to the system. A camera operation panel is incorporated into the program to provide camera control capability from any location and the ability to customize screens.

  • WV-AS60 operates the WJ-HD300 series of digital disk recorders remotely via the network.
  • Facilitates monitoring live images taken by cameras connected to the recorder and camera operation.
  • Facilitates recording, search and playback of recorded images from multiple recorders.
  • WV-AS60 facilitates search, playback and management of image files downloaded on PC hard disk.

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